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Yongfeng GAO

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Yongfeng GAO

Associate Professor

ADDRESSSchool of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu

University, Zhenjiang, China 212013

PHONE: (86)13775517657




Research Interest

Photonic crystal LED, Designing and fabrication optical communication components, Femtosecond Laser Micro/ Nano-fabrication Technique , Laser diagnostic technique for the measurement of particle.

Education Background

(1) Bachelor’s Degree from Department of Physics. Xu Zhou Normal University.2003.8

(2) Master’s degree from Information Optical Engineering Institute of Soochow University


Teaching Courses

Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, Integrated Optoelectronics, Photoelectron Technology, Guided Wave Optics.

Research Achievement

[1] Gao yongfeng, Zhou ming, Zhou jun, Xu Xiaofang. Design of Power Splitter by Directional Coupling between Photonic Crystal Waveguides [J]Chinese Journal of Lasers2011,38(5):505003.EI

[2] GAO Yong-feng, ZHOU Jun, ZHOU Ming,et.Design of a Novel Power Splitter by Directional Coupling between Photonic Crystal Waveguides [J]. Optoelectronics Letters201066):417-420.EI.

[3] Gao Yongfeng,Zhou jun. Design of photonic crystal waveguide splitter based on self-imaging effect [J]. High Power Laser and Particle Beams, 2010229):2160-2164. EI

[4] Gao yongfeng, Zhou ming, Zhou jun,etc.Design of novel 1×4 power splitter by directional coupling between photonic crystal waveguides [C].//XianNing.2011 International Conference on Consumer ElectronicsCommunications and Networks(CECNet)Volume 3.USAConference Print Version


[5] GAO Yong-feng, Yun-tuan Fang, and ZHOU Ming. Achieving all-optical diode through non-symmetrical nonlinear cavity and the effect of photon tunneling. PIERS 2011 in Suzhou.

[6] Gao yongfeng, Zhou ming. Investigation of the transmission properties of two-dimentional photonic crystal waveguide microcavity [J].Study on Optical Communications


[7] Gao yongfeng, Zhou ming,Zhang wei,Li Bao-jia. Optimal design of mid-gap with 1.55μm in two dimessional photonic crystal 2010345):15-17.

[8] Gao yongfeng. Put Research into the teaching of Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Waves [J]. China Electric Power Education,2009,139:49-50.

[9] GAO Yong-feng,ZOU Li-xin,HUANG Hui-jie,etc. Influence of the Light Source in Airborne Laser Particle Counter on the Flux of Transducer [J]. Journal of Applied Optics,


[10] Novel Dispersion Separator Based on One-dimensional Photonic Crystal Containing a Defect Made of Twin Prisms(Pending)

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