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Yanqun TONG

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Yanqun TONG

Associate Professor






Research Interest

  • Research on interaction between laser and materials
  • Modern photoelectric measuring and testing technology

Education Background

  • Ph.D. in Mechantronics Engineering (9/2008- ), Department of mechanical engineering, Jiangsu university,China
  • Master Degree in Optical Engineering (9/2003-7/2006), Department of Opto-electronic Engineering, Chongqing University, China
  • Bachelor Degree in Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations (9/1999-7/2003), Department of Opto-electronic Engineering, Chongqing University, China

Teaching Courses

Modern photoelectric measuring and testing technology ,Fibre optical communication, Optical image processing technology, Visual programming design,Basical optical experiment

Research Achievement

Refereed papers:

1Tong, Yanqun; Yao, Hongbing; Zhang, Yongkang; Chen, Mingyang; Yuan, Bei; Meng, ChunmeiExperimental research of high-speed plate deformation process shocked by strong and short pulsed laser, Chinese Journal of Lasers, Vol.38 No.2(2011): 203007

2Tong, Yanqun; Yao, Hongbing; Zhang, Yongkang; Chen, Mingyang; Yuan, Be; Meng, ChunmeiSimulation and experiment of high-speed dynamic plate deformation process shocked by pulsed laserKey Engineering Materials, Vol.464 (2011): 651-654

3Yanqun TongJun ZhouCorrelation Demodulation of Output Spectrum of Fabry-Perot CavityInternational Journal of Nonlinear ScienceVol.6(2008) No.1,pp.53-58

4Tong Yanqun; Fu Yumei;Chen Weimin;Zhu Yong;Chen Yusen;Liang Dakai; Experimental research of the parallel multiplexing of Fabry-Perot strain sensor in the Fourier demodulation; Acta photonica sinica; Vol.34 No.10(2005): 1506-1509

5Ye, Xia; Yao, Hongbing; Tong, Yanqun; Zhang, Yongkang; Cao, Ruoxi; Wang, Xiang; Gao, Yongfeng; Xu, XiaofangExperiment study of influence on laser beam quality induced by thermal lens effect and depolarization effectApplied Mechanics and Materials, Vol.43(2011): 670-6741,

6Meng, Chunmei; Yao, Hongbing; Zhang, Yongkang; Tong, YanqunAnalysis and development of the experimental apparatus of the laser-induced plasma spectrumKey Engineering Materials, Vol.464 (2011): 424-428

7Chen, Mingyang; Zhang, Yongkang; Zhu, Yuanfeng; Tong, Yanqun; Zhou, JunBroadband directional coupler based on asymmetric dual-core photonic crystal fiberChinese Journal of Laser, Vol.36,No.3(2009): 635-639

China Patents:

1201010176123.2: An all-fiber equipment for the displacement measurement (5/2010)

2200910031739.X: A laser derusting device(9/2010)

3201010290349.X: A state detection methods and devices of laser derusting(4/2011)

4201010589053.X: A optical fiber of big mode field(4/2011)

Represent Projects

Fundamental research on dynamic response and characteristic quantities detection of materials under nanosecond shockwave-induced high-pressure loadingNatural Science Foundation of China (1/2009-12/2011)

Measuring and testing technique of material characteristic quantities shocked by strong short pulse laser using the full optical fiber interferometers, the Doctoral Innovation Fund of Jiangsu Province(9/2009-9/2011)

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