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Xiaofang XU

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Xiaofang XU

Associate professor






Research Interest

  • Ultrafast dynamics with femto second laser pump-probed
  • Dispersion of Photonic crystal fiber

Education Background

  • Master Degree in Optical Engineering (9/2003-7/2006), Institute of Laser Physics, Jilin University, China
  • Bachelor Degree in Electronic Science and Technology (9/1999-7/2003), Department of Jilin University, China

Teaching Courses

Information Optics, Technology of Electronic Display, Application of Lighttlools, Basic Optical Experiment

Research Achievement

1. XU Xiao-fang LI Li-na WANG Li-jun “Comparing of two LDA fiber coupling systems”, Infrared and Laser Engineering,2008,37

2. XU Xiao-fang LI Li-na WU Jin-hui etal. “Fiber coupling module of the high output power”, Infrared and Laser Engineering,2006,35

3. XU Xiao-fang LI Li-na WANG Li-jun “A Fiber Coupling Module with the Output Power of 33W”, Journal of Optoelectronics·Laser, 2005,16

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