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Guilin DING

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Guilin DING



School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China 212013





Research Interest

· Optical system design

· Propagation and Control of High power laser beam

Education Background

· Ph.D. in Optics, Department of Information Physics & Engineering , Sichuan University, China

· Master Degree in Physics, Department of Physics, Sichuan Normal University, China

Teaching Courses

Mathematical Method in Physics, Fourier Optics, Optical System Design, Code V and it’s Applications Advanced Optics, Propagation and Control of High power Laser Beam

Research Achievement


1. Ding, GL; Yuan, X; Lu, BD“Propagation characteristics of the ten-parameter family of partially coherent general anisotropic Gaussian Schell-model (AGSM) beams passing through first-order optical systems” JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS 47 9 1483-1499 JUL 20 2000

2. Ding, GL; Lu, B "Propagation of twisted Gaussian Schell-model beams through a misaligned first-order optical system," JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS 48 10 1617-1621 AUG 2001.

3. Ding, GL; Lu, B, "Generalized Huygens-Fresnel diffraction integral for misaligned asymmetric first-order optical systems and decentered anisotropic Gaussian Schell-model beams," JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA A-OPTICS IMAGE SCIENCE AND VISION 19 3 485-490 MAR 2002.

4. Ding, GL; Lu, B, "Decentered twisted Gaussian Schell-model beams and their propagation through a misaligned first-order optical system," OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS 35 2 91-100 JAN 2003.

5. Ding, GL; Lu, B, Propagation of decentered Hermite-Gaussian beams through a misal igned f irst- order optical system, HIGH POWER LASER AND PARTICLE BEAMS 13, 5 Sep. 2001.

6. Ding, GL; Lu, B, Propagation of Hermite Gaussian Beams through a Misaligned Firstorder Optical System and Decentered Hermite Gaussian Beams, CHINESE JOU RNAL OF LASERS, A29, 3 March, 2002.

7. Lu Qunying Chen Tingting Ding Guilin Yuan Xiao Propagation Properties of Lorentz Beam Passing through First Order Axisymmetric Optical Systems CHINESE JOU RNAL OF LASERS, 35, 4 April, 2008.

8. Chen Xianya, YU Quan, Cai Miaomiao, Yuan Xiao, Ding Guilin; Wigner Distribution Function of Lorentz Beam and its Application CHINESE JOU RNAL OF LASERS, 38 5 May 2011.

9. Duan Qiqiang Zhang Yue Chen Xianya Ding Guilin; Design of Compact Infrared Panoramic Lens, Laser Optoelectronics Progress, 47 06 2010.

10. Lu Jianhua Wen Tongqiang Huang Cheng Ding Guilin; Design of a Compactness and High Resolution Lens System for Mobile Phone, Laser Optoelectronics Progress, 46 12 2009.

11. Huang Cheng Wen Tongqiang Lu Jianhua Ding Guilin; Design of 2.5×Zoom Camera Lens within Cell Phone, Laser Optoelectronics Progress, 46 05 2009.

Refereed Conference Proceedings

1. Ding, GL; Wang, WL; Zhao, F, et al. Lie algebraic treatment of optical systems in higher aberration orders, 20th Congress of the International-Commission-for-Optics, AUG 21-26, 2005 Changchun PEOPLES R CHINA, ICO20: OPTICAL DESIGN AND FABRICATION 6034 Z340-Z340 2006.

2. Jiong, Yang, Chen Tingting, Ding Guilin, Xiao, Yuan; Focusing of diode laser beams: a partially coherent Lorentz model, SEMICONDUCTOR LASERS AND APPLICATIONS III PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY OF PHOTO-OPTICAL INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERS (SPIE) 6824 A8240-A8240 2008 (10/2009)

Represent Projects

? Research on Beam Control Technology Based on Bragg GratingKJS0902 Key

? Laboratory Foundation of Jiangsu Province (1/2009-12/2011)


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