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Shiqing ZHANG

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Shiqing ZHANG
Associate Professor
ADDRESS: School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China 212013
PHONE(86) 511-88780953, (86)13921588571
FAX(86) 511-88780241
Research Interest
My research interests lie in data compression technique, computer network technology and applications. measuring and controlling on mechanical system.
Education Background
ChongqingUniversity (1980)
Teaching Courses
1) Software development and technology
2) Microcomputer principle and application
3) Dynamic Web Page Designing
4) Computer network technology
Research Achievement
Selected Publications
SUN Li, ZHANG Shi-qing, LIN Hao, CAI Jian-rong etc. Experiment of on-line measurement of apple's sugar content by near-infrared(NIR) spectroscopy technology Food Science and Technology 2010.7
1) ZHANG Xiangke,ZHANG Shiqing,WEN Fenglian,TIAN Hongsheng Study of a phase ultrasonic range measurement system with high precision Transducer and Microsystem Technologies 2010.2
2) ZHANG Shiqing WENG Jinglan ZHANG Feng The application of self-organization ZigBee technology in power data acquisition Microcomputer Information 2009.23
3) WENG Jinglan, ZHANG Shiqing,ZHANG Feng Simulation Analysis of LDPC Codes Based on WiMAX Standard Video Engineering 2008.S1
4) Zhang Xiliang, Yang Weiling,Li Pingping,Zhang Shiqing,Xu Yunfeng Compelling threshold denoise method of wavelet transformation on dynamic weight signal Journal of Jiangsu University 2009.3
5) Zhang Xiliang,Yang Weiling,Li Pingping,Zhang Shiqing Signal Processing of Dynamic Weighing by Wavelet Transform Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery 2008.7
6) ZHANG Xiliang,DING Fei,ZHANG Shiqing Design of Modern Greenhouse Distributed Wireless Data Acquisition System Instrument Technique and Sensor 2007.4
7) Sun Jianrong Zhang Shiqing Yang Chaojun Auto Measure System About Mechanical Efficiency of Gear Wheel Reduction Device Microcomputer Information 2007.10
8) Zhu Qimei Zhang Shiqing Study on Key Grouping Management Scheme in Clustering Wireless Sensor Networks Computer Measurement & Control 2007.2
9) ZHANG Xiliang,DING Fei,ZHANG Shiqing,YANG Jun Study on the Wireless Data Acquisition System under Greenhouse Environment China Rural Water and Hydropower 2007.2
10) Zhang Shiqing,Sun Chao,Zhang Xiliang,Zhu Qimei An Energy Efficient Cluster-based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Microcomputer Information 2006.31
11) Ding Fei,Zhang Xiliang,Hu Yongguang,Zhang Shiqing,Zhu Qimei Application of Wireless Sensor Networks in Environment Monitoring Microcomputer Information 2006.25
12) Yang Jun,Zhang Shiqing,Zhang Xiliang, Ding Fei Study on Method of Determining Data Aggregators Number for Wireless Sensor Network Microcomputer Information 2006.25
13) SUN Chao,ZHANG Shiqing,ZHANG Xiliang,YANG Jun Wireless Sensor Networks Applied on Environment Monitoring in Greenhouse Journal of Agricultural Mechanization Research 2006.9
14) SUN Chao,ZHANG Shiqing,ZHANG Xiliang A Survey On MAC Protocols For Wireless Sensor Networks Sensor World, 2006.8
15) Ding Fei,Zhang Xiliang,Hu Yongguang,Zhang Shiqing,Yan Jun Wireless Technologies for the Future Home Network Information Technology & Standardization 2006.8
16) XU Yunfeng,ZHANG Shiqing,ZHANG Xiliang,CHEN Xiaoyan Design of data acquisition system based on sound card Machinery Design & Manufacture 2006.4
17) Ding Fei,Zhang Xiliang,Hu Yongguang,Zhang Shiqing, Yuan Bing Z-Wave Wireless Communication Technology Geared to the Low-rate Application Information Technology & Standardization 2006.4
18) HOU Dapan,ZHANG Xiliang,ZHANG Shiqing Research on the date processing of weighting signal in check-weigher Machinery Design & Manufacture 2006.1
19) XU Yunfeng, CHEN Xiaoyan,ZHANG Shiqing,ZHANG Xiliang Application of the data acquisition system based on sound card to the dynamic weigh system Packaging Engineering 2005.6
20) Zhang Xiliang,Ji Kairong,Li Pingping,Zhang Shiqing Study on Dynamic Characteristic and Digital Compensation of Hybrid Quantifying-weighing System Transactions of The Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery 2005.11
21) WU Xiaoliang ZHANG Shiqing ZHANG Xiliang Research on the Data Processing of Composite Dynamic Weigh System Packaging Engineering 2004.5
22) QIAN Guochao,ZHANG Shiqing,ZHANG Xiliang Study of Distributed, Real Time Network Monitor and Control System for Packaging Production Line Packaging Engineering 2004.2
23) LIU Mingtao,ZHANG Shiqing The Application and Research of PDM Based on Internet Journal of Agricultural Mechanization Research 2002.3
24) CHEN Liang,HU Hongmei,ZHANG Shiqing Design of Package Products Database Based on World Wide Web Packaging Engineering 2002.6
25) Li Jianjun,Zhang Shiqing Measuring System for Machinery Dynamical Parameters Based on Computer LPT Machinery & Electronics 2001.2
26) Qi yeting, Zhang Shiqing The Realization of VXD in the Environment of WIN9X Industrial Contral Computer 2001.8
27) Li Jianjun,Zhang Shiqing The Study of Computer Measuring System for Machinery Dynamical Parameters Industrial Contral Computer 2001.3
28) Xu Jing,Zhang Shiqing Development and Application of PLC Network Technology INDUSTRIAL CONTRAL COMPUTER 2000.2
29) Cai Jianrong,Fang Ruming,Zhang Shiqing,Wu Shouyi Application of Computer Vision Technique to Research on Classifying System of Tobacco Leaves TRANSACTIONS OF THE CHINESE SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING 2000.3
30) Liu Guangyao,Fang Ruming,Cai Jianrong,Zhang Shiqing A Split-and-Merge Image Segmentation Based on Wavelet Transform JOURNAL OF JIANGSU UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 1999.3
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