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Zhengying XU

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Name : Zhenying Xu

Professor; Ph. D supervisor

Address : Room B418 School of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: (86)013775372507, (86)511-88797578

Fax: (86)511-88780241

E-mail: xuzhenying@ujs.edu.cn, zhyxu77@163.com


1999-2004 Ph.D, Measurement and Control, Hefei University of Technology, China

1995-1999 BS, Precision Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, China

Professional Experience

2014- PH.D Supervisor, Jiangsu University, China

2014- Professor, Jiangsu University, China

2011-2011 Visiting Scholor, Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing, Dresden

(IZFP-D), Germany

2008-2012 PostDoc, Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

2007-2014 Associate professor, Jiangsu University, China

2004-2007 Lecture, Jiangsu University, China

Social academic post

Supervision, Jiangsu Instrument and Control Society, JICS

Research interests

1. Nondestructive Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring (NDE/SHM). The research interest includes using optical and acoustic technology to obtain the characteristics of materials, components and large-scale structures. Two main fields are focused on: A) model parameter identification and damage diagnosis for some large facilities or structures, for examples, offshore platform structures, pipelines, tanks, applying acoustic apparatus and modern signal processing methods. B) non-destructive evaluation of the characteristics and defects of composite materials using optoacoustic and optothermal methods, especially guided waves.

SAFE Modeling of a potential weld-guided wave mode: (a) vibration distribution in cross section (b) Mode shape in center of weld

One of the interesting researches now is the rapid NDE of long range butt welds in use of ultrasonic guided waves£¬to achieve this, we are using Semi-Analytical Finite Element (SAFE) models to predict wave motions in welds, as above figures show. Figure (a) tells one of the potential wave modes at the frequency of 100KHz in a butt weld of 10mm thick aluminum plate, the colors represent distribution of vibration in cross section, and the arrows indicate the displacements of particles. Figure (b) shows mode shape of this mode in center of weld, meaning axial displacement dominates the motion. Both numerical and experimental analyses are to predict the dispersion, velocity curves and cross-sectional mode shapes of the available weld-guided modes.

2. Application of CV in Precision Measurement. The calibration, the image processing, the 3D reconstruction are the focuses of this activity. Specific current research includes the development of new image processing algorithm and positioning during the micro-forming process for small precision mechanical components coupled with the control of positioning accuracy, the development of measurement of the miniaturized micro-scale tools and die/mould for the manufacture of components in the 10¨C100 ¦Ìm range.

Coding and Reconstruction by computer vision

3. Micro-forming and corresponding measurement. The research interest includes the mechanics and instability analysis of deformation processes in micro scale, material characterization and scale effects. The research has integrated experiment, analytical methods, control and sensors to initialize the adaptive method, measurement and apparatus for forming micro-parts, and to advance micro-forming processes and micro-manipulation.

Some modeling in laser aided micro-forming processes. (a) Modeling of the temperature field under laser scan (b) Modeling of average stress distribution during V-shape micro-bending

Teaching Courses

Measurement and Testing Technology

Instrument Accuracy Theory

Digital Signal Processing

Honors and Awards

1.Award of Young Back-bone Teacher Training Engineering of Jiangsu University, 2013

2.the first prize State Science and technology Awards, 2011

3.the first prize Science and technology Awards of Jiangsu Province, 2010

4.the second prize Science and technology Awards of Education Ministry, 2011

5.the second prize Science and technology Awards of Chinese Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (CSNAME), 2010

Main Research Projects

1. Propagation Theory of the Weld-guided Waves and the Inversion and Charaterization Mechanism of the Welding Defects in Medium and Thick Ship Plates (No. 51679112), NSFC, 2017-2020

2. Key technology research and industrialization of high speed and high precision chip mounting machine (No. BA2015172), Special transformation of scientific and technological achievements of Jiangsu Province, 2015-2018

3. Quantitative metallographic analysis system based on machine vision (No. BY2015064-02), industry university research project of of Jiangsu Province, 2015-2017

4. Weld-Guided Wave and Its Application in the NDT for the Welding of Pressure Vessels (No. SH2012016), Technology Support Project of Zhenjiang City, 2012-2015

5. Surface Topography Testing, Characterization and Quality Control of the Laser-shock micro-extrusion parts (No.HGDML-1002), Provincial Key Lab Program, 2012-2014

6. Weld-Guided Wave NDT Instrument for the welding defects of Special Equipments, Program from the Special Inspection Institute in Jiangsu Province, 2012-2015

7. Investigation of the control and mechanism of thick plate welding deformation and anti-cracking ability Laser shock(No. 51179076), NSFC, 2012-2015

8. Anti-environment High-density Anti-inteference Electric Connector using Light Coposite Materials and the Key Technologies£¨No.BE2012149£©, Technology Support Project of Jiangsu Province, 2012-2014

9. Key Technologies and Industrialization of Anti-environment Anti-inteference Electric Connector parts in Aviation and Spac, Program supported by the special fund of Taizhou City for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, 2012-2015

10. Forming Mechanism and Approach of Laser-assisted Warm Bending Micro-components (No.50805069), NSFC, 2009-2012

11. Research on the Basis of Hot Micro-bending and Manufacturing of Micro Components (20090451174), National Postdoctoral Science Foundation , 2009-2011

12. Manufacturing Basis of Laser-assisted Warm Bending of Micro-components with difficult-deform materials(No.0802024C), Postdoctoral Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, 2009-2011

13. Laser-assisted Extrusion Mechanics and Methods for Difficult-forming Micro-Parts (No.BK2009743), NSF of Jiangsu Province, 2009-2012

14. Micro volume forming with Ultra-high strain(No.50975126), NSFC, 2011-2013

15. Forming Mechanism and Process of Warm Micro-extrusion for Micro-component with Laser-assisted Heating Method£¨No.50605029£©, NSFC , 2008

16. Microparts extrusion and forming control with Ultra-fast laser£¨No.BK2010042£©, NSF of Jiangsu Province,2010-2013

17. Plastic Micro-forming with laser-assisted heating method, NSF of Jiangsu Province (No.BK2006551), 2008-2010

Main Scientific Publications

1. Zhen-ying XU, Hong HONG, Huan LIU, etl. A PIEZOELECTRIC TRANSDUCER FOR WELD DEFEC DETECTION BASED ON FIRST-ORDER SHEAR HORIZONTAL (SH1) MODE. 2015 Symposium on Piezoelectricity, Acoustic Waves, and Device Applications, Oct. 30-Nov.2, Jinan, CHINA. 978-1-4799-8807-5/12, 2015 IEEE:251-255£¨EI: 20161702294495£©

2. Zhen-ying XU, Hui-fang YU, Yun WANG, etl. THE EFFECT OF JOINT GEOMETRY PARAMETERS ON ULTRASONIC WELD-GUIDED MODES IN THICK STEEL PLATES. 2015 Symposium on Piezoelectricity, Acoustic Waves, and Device Applications, Oct. 30-Nov.2, Jinan, CHINA. 978-1-4799-8807-5/12, 2015 IEEE:329-334£¨EI: 20161702294528£©

3. Zhenying Xu, Yun Wang, Chuan Yang. Multi-camera global calibration for large-scale measurement based on plane mirror, Optik, 126(23) 4149-4154 (DOI: 10.1016/j.ijleo.2015.08.015£»SCI: WOS:000365373400131; ISSN: 0030-4026)

4. Xu Zhenying, Zhao Jiachen, Xu Jiaxiang,etl. A Large-size Precision Measurement Method based on Sub-FOV Calibration Splicing, ISMTII 2015, Taipei, Taiwan, September 22-25, 2015

5. Zhenying Xu, Shuyuan Gao, Jun Huang. Non-Destructive Testing of Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Panel by Scan Acoustic Microscopy, Advanced Materials Research, Vol.708, 2013:44-48£¨EI:20134116834594£©

6. Zhenying Xu, Jun Huang, Yangyang Cai, Shuyuan Gao. Design of Acoustic Emission Monitoring System for Defects of Hull Plate, Key Engineering Materials, vol. 568, 2013: 91-95£¨EI: 20133916768870£©

7. XU Zhen-ying, WEN Wu, WANG Jun, etl. Design of Offshore Platform Virtual Assembly System Based on VRML, Coal Technology, 32(4), 2013:168-170

8. Zhenying Xu, Yun Wang, Sheng Ding, Rongmao Wang, Peilong Dong. Numerical investigation on micro-bending and springback with improved surface layer model, Int. J. of Materials and Product Technology, Vol. 45, Nos. 1/2/3/4, 2012£¨SCI: 000315424500004 /EI: 20130315905158£©

9. Xu Zhen-Ying, Li Bin-Nan, Wang Yun, Wang Zhen-Gang. Deck structure optimization of offshore drilling platform based on green water analysis, Journal of Ship Mechanics£¨English Version£©£¬16£¨12£©£¬2012£º1402-1407£¨EI: 20130315910334£©

10. Xu Zhenying, Zhang Kai, Wang Yun, etl. Reserearch on Rotomoulding Mould Based on Incremental Forming, Material Engineering, 2012 (11), pp.72-76£¨EI: 20125215843233£©

11. Xu Zhenying, Wang Yun, Zhang Yuanyuan, Wu Jiangping. Investigation on Micro-forming Behavior with Laser-assisted Heating, Advanced science letter, (11), 2012

12. XU Zhen-ying, WANG Yun, WU Jun-feng. Investigation into3D temperature field of Micro-forming based on laser-assisted heating, LASER JOURNAL, 33(6), 2012:48-49

13. XU Zhen-Ying, LI Wen-Bin, WANG Yun, LUO Chun, GAO Shu-Yuan, CAO Dan-Dan. Trinocular Calibration Method Based on Binocular Calibration. TELKOMNIKA, Vol.10, No.6, October 2012, pp. 1439-1444. (EI: 20124715700175)

14. XU Zhen-ying£¬WANG Yun£¬WU Jun-feng. Investigation on the Free Micro-bending Device and Size Effect for H62 Brass, Machine Design and Research. Vol.28, No.5, 2012, pp.33-36

15. Xu Zhenying, Cao Dandan, Wang Yun. 3D Reconstruction Method Based on Color Pseudo-random Coding Structured Light and Corner Testing Technology£¬Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery£¬43(2)£¬2012:221-225. (EI: 20121114853371)

16. XU Zhen-ying, Xu Ran-ran, CAO Dan-dan, WANG Yun. A Robust color Pseudo-Random coded structured light technique for the recognition of 3D Object, key Engineering Materials, 2011.1(EI index)

17. Xu Zhengying, Xu Ranran and Cao Dandan. Large Sized Workpiece Measurement Based on SIFT, key Engineering Materials, 2011.1(EI index)

18.Zhenying Xu, Ranran Xu, Yun Wang, Boquan Li, and Kai Xiao. New pseudo-random coded colored structured light technique in camera self-calibration, Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7656, 2010.10(EI index)

19.XU Zhenying, Wang Jingjing, Ding Sheng, etc. Numerical Simulation of Accumulative Forming Bipolar Plates of Fuel Cell, Advanced Materials Research, Vol.136, 2010:pp10-13 (EI index)


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Plan for Overseas Master & Ph. D

One Ph. D

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