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Shoupeng SONG

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Shoupeng SONG
ADDRESSJiangsu University, Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China, 212013
Research Interest
I have been worked in university for almost 20 years with the research interest in intelligent information testing and signal processing.
Education Background
1986-1990: Department of Mechanics Engineering, North University of China, B.E.
1992-1995: Department of Precision Mechanical and Electronics, North University of China, M.E.
2003-2006: Department of Instrument Science & Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ph.D.
Teaching Courses
Signal and system, sensor, mechanical fault diagnosis, non-destructive testing, etc..
Research Achievement
[1] Song Shoupeng, QUE Peiwen, Wavelet based noise suppression technique and its application to ultrasonic flaw detection [J], Ultrasonics,February 2006 Vol 44, No 2, p188-193(SCI)
[2] Song Shoupeng, Que Peiwen, The radial self-positioning algorithm of intelligent ultrasonic probe array in oil/gas pipeline [J], High Technology Letters 2007 Vol13,No,4,p379-382(EI)
[3] Song Shoupeng, Que Peiwen, Liu Qingkun, An effective defect identification scheme in pipeline ultrasonic testing [J],Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing, 2006 ,Vol 42,No 4, p255-260(SCI)
[4] Song Shoupeng, Que Peiwen, Liu Qingkun, Wavelet-based pipe flaw 2D-reconstruction scheme using line-focusing ultrasonic transducer array[C], USA:2006 IEEE International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics(SCI)
[5] Song Shoupeng, Que Peiwen, A fractal-dimension-based signal-processing technique and its use for nondestructive testing, Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing, 2007,Vol.43, No.4,p270-280,(SCI)
[6] Song Shoupeng, Yi Lidan, Li Pingping, Analysis on Time-effectiveness of Early Warning System of Combine Harvester, IEEE proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Computer and Computing Technology Applications in Agriculture.(EI)
[7]Song Shoupeng,A new signal processing technique for detecting flaw echoes close to the material surface in ultrasonic NDT, RJNDT,2010,Vol.46,No.1,p69-74,(SCI)
[8]Song Shoupeng, Ma Xiaokun, Liu Jingge, Mass data storage strategy in automatic ultrasonic testing, Xiamen China: Proceeding of the Third International Symposium on Test Automation & Instrumentation(ISTAI 2010), Vol.4, 2010.5,p1504-1508(ISTP)
[9] Song Shoupeng, Design and application of digital filter, Jiangsu University Press,2009
Represent Projects
Research projects include: acoustic target recognition, speech recognition, weak signal detection, flaw detection, ultrasonic testing and imaging, data fusing, etc..
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