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Binghao BAO

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Binghao BAO
ADDRESS: School of Mechanical Engineering Jiangs University301 Xuefu Road Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China 212013
PHONE:(86) 511-88780335, (86)013952924863
Research Interest
Bao’s major research interests are focused on precision sensitive materials and sensor technology, measurement instruments, physical effect and its theory.
Education Background
1) PhD student , Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Jiangsu University, (2008~)
2) MS, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, (1987~1990)
3) BS, Department of Physics, Anhui University.(1980~1984)
1) Jiangsu University, (2003~)
2) Anhui Engineering University, (1990~2003)
3) Anhui University of Science and Technology, (1984~1987)
Teaching Courses
1) Instrumentation Circuit
2) Measuring and Testing Technology
3) Sensor Technology and Application
Research Achievement
Books Chapters
Bao Binghao, Zhou Yan, Xu Zhenying. Sensor Manual. Chemical Industry Press, Beijing, 2008.04
applied for more than four invent patents.
Selected Publication
1) Binghao Bao , Luo Ying. Journal of Applied Physics, 2011. (SCI index)
2) Binghao Bao, et al. Sensors and Actuators A, 2008. (SCI, EI index)
3) Bao Binghao, Luo Ying, Tian Xincheng, Wei Qing. Theoretical and experimental study on magenetoelectric effect in longitudinal polarized and magnetized piezoelectric/magnetostrictive laminate materials. SCIENTIA SINICA, Vol.41,No.1, 2011
4) Bao Bing-hao, Luo Ying. Theoretical and experimental study on magnetoelectric effect in laminated composites of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials with finite input impedance, 2011, Acta Phys. Sin.Vol.60 No.3 (SCI index)
5) Bao Bing-hao, et al. Theory of giant magneto-impedance effect in amorphous ribbon with transverse bias magnetic field. Acta Phys. Sin. 2011,Vol.60. No.3 (ScI index)
6) Bao Bing-hao , Ren Nai-fei, Wang Guo-yu. The influence of anisotropic fields on stress-impedance effect in amorphous alloys. Y. Wang, G.F. Xu, Z.Y. Xu, R.M. Wang, Acta Phys. Sin. 2008,Vol.57 No.4 (SCI, EI index)
7) Bao Bing-hao, Song Xue-Feng, Ren Nai-Fei, Li Chang-sheng. Theory and calculation of giant magneto-impedance effect in amorphous alloy ribbons and films. Acta Phys. Sin.2006,Vol.55 No.7 (SCI ,EI index)
8) Bao Bing-hao, et al. Acta Phys. Sin. 2011 Vol.60 No.6 (SCI index)
9) Bao Binghao, Novel current sensor based on GMI effect in serial laminated amorphous ribbons embedded in the air gap of a toroidal core, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, vol 30,No.9,2009(EI Index)
10) Bao Binghao,Zhu Daqi,et al. Theoretical analysis of novel weak current sensor using feCunbSiB single nanocrystalline toridial core and double-winding, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, vol 26,No.11,2005(EI Index)
Represent Projects
Project title
Manufacturing Technology of Piezoelectric Fiber Materials, Sensor and Application
863 High Technology and Development Program of China
Multi PI
Giant Magnetoimpedance Effect and Sensors
Jiangsu University
* Multiple PIs on this project.
? Magnetoelectric Property of Amorphous Wires Materials and Sensors, the Third Grade Prize of Science and Technology , Awarded by Wuhu City in Anhui Province, 2002
? Research on Theory and Technology of Dynamics and Dynamical Design of nonlinear Anti-shock and Protection , the Second Prize of Science and Technology , Awarded by Jiangsu Province, No. 2010-2-31-R7
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