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Name : FuZhu Li

Associate Professor; M. S. supervisor

Address : Room B312-2 School of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: (86)018852876617, (86)511-88780171

Fax: (86)511-88780171

E-mail:lifuzhu@ujs.edu.cn, 267477393@qq.com


2009-2015 Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

2002-2005 M.S,Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Science and Technology University, China

1991-1995 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Science and Technology University, China.

Professional Experience

2015-Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, China

2013-2014 Visiting Scholar, Wayne State University, USA

2008-2015 Associate Professor, Jiangsu Normal University, China

2007-2008 Associate professor, Xuzhou Normal University, China

1999-2007 Lecturer Xuzhou Normal University, China

1995-1999 Assistant Engineer, Shanxi Coal Mining Hancheng Mining CO.,LTD,China

Research interests

A) The integrated control technique by mechanical, electric, and hydraulic systems. The research interest includes the development of hydraulic supports using in coal mines and their control system, the closed two-variable and two-position hydraulic transmission control systems.

B) The sheet metal forming principle and application. The research interest includes the development of manufacturing process for high strength steel and CFRP used wildly in automobile industry, the manufacturing quality control.

Teaching Courses

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission

Mechatronic Products Design

Engineering Materials and Their Manufacturing Technique Foundation

Honors and Awards

1. the excellence award of the third teaching instrument and equipment for colleges and universities,2014

2. the first prize of the first teaching instrument and equipment developed independently in Jiangsu Normal University, 2012

Main Research Projects

1. Researching and characterizing on the internal stress accumulation effect for the stamping Steel/CFRP components(16JDG038),Research Foundation for advanced talents of Jiangsu university, 2016-2018.

2. Development of a green energy-saving control system for tall buildings(201510320067), the innovation and entrepreneurship training plan project for college students, 2015-2017.

3. Study on shearing fracture behaviors of fluent-solid dual status CFRP material and characterization(No.51105180), NSFC, 2012-2014.

4. Research of Multipurpose new high Efficiency and anti-explosion for miner lamps(JH03-037), NSF of Jiangsu University, 2010-2012.

5. Research on springback of automotive cover panels with complex shape considering the trimming effect(No. 07KJB460113), Colleges and universities natural science fund projects in Jiangsu province, 2007-2009.

Main Scientific Publications

1. FuZhu Li,CunTang Wang,Yuqin Guo. Study on Short-term Energy Storage Characteristics of Hydraulic Wind Turbines at Micro-scale Turbulent Wind Speed. Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering. 2016, 35(10): 1494-1498.

2. Li Fuzhu, Wen Chen, Wang Cuntang, et al. School of Mechanical Engineering,Jiangsu university.Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica.2015,36(10):2431-2437.

3. FuZhu Li,He Zhenzhi,Chen Wen, et al. Study on short-term energy storage characteristics of accumulators of hydrostatic wind turbine system.Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research.2014,7(6):2500-2507.

4. Fuzhu Li, Cuntang Wang,Yuqin Guo.A controlling maximum power point tracking of hydraulic variable speed wind power system.Energy Education Science and Technology Part A. 2014, 32(6): 5167-5176 .

5. Fuzhu Li, Cuntang Wang, Yuqin Guo, el at.A Compressed Air Green Storage Device Based On The Hydro-pneumatic Conversion And Its Characteristic Analysis. Advanced Materials Research, 2012,6(516-517): 830-835.


1. Li Fuzhu,Wang Cuntang,Guo Yuqin. A variable speed and constant frequency wind power system with energy storage device and its control approach.China Patent Appl. No. 201410206008.3, Mar.03,2016.

2. Guo Yuqin, Chen Long, Li Fuzhu, et al. A test setup and approach using CFRP integrated fabrication. China Patent Appl. No.ZL2012 1 0208536.3,Mar. 04, 2015.

3. Guo Yuqin, Meng Zhao, Sun Minhang, Li Fuzhu, et al. An adjustable heating rate and controllable temperature die and its control approach. China Patent Appl. No.ZL201410231562.7,Dec. 07, 2015.

4. Li Fuzhu,Wang Cuntang, Guo Yuqin. A kind of make use of the hydraulic transmission of the offshore wind and current storage power generation system, China Patent Appl. No. 201210409589.1, Oct. 12,2012.

5. Guo Yuqin, Li Fuzhu, Chen Wei, et al. A two-step blow mouling approach and device for amorphors metal special pipes. China Patent Appl. No.ZL2010 1 0505892.2, Nov. 07, 2012.

Plan for Overseas Master & Ph. D


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