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Name : FengzeDai

Associateprofessor; Master's supervisor

Address : Room B209School of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: (86)013861399810, (86)511-88797198


E-mail: dfz@ujs.edu.cn, yxdfz@163.com


2009-2014Ph.DMechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

1999-2002 Master, Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

1995-1999BS, Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

Professional Experience

2014-Associate professor, Jiangsu University, China

2004-2014 Lecture, Jiangsu University, China

2002-2004Assistant, Jiangsu University, China

Research interests

Laser surface modification

Laser Shock Peening

Main Scientific Publications

1) F.Z. Dai, J.Z. Lu*, Y.K. Zhang, K.Y. Luo, Q.W. Wang, L. Zhang, X.J. Hua. Effect of initial surface topography on the surface status of LY2 aluminum alloy treated by laser shock processing. Vacuum, 2012, 86(10): 1482-1487.(SCI收录)

2) Fengze Dai *,Jinzhong Lu, Yongkang Zhang, KaiyuLuo, Lei Zhang, Qingwei Wang,XudongRen, and Pin Li, Micro-dent arrays fabricated by a novel net mask laser shock processing on the surface of LY2 aluminum alloy.Journal of applied physics, 2012, 023117(112).(SCI收录)

3)F.Z. Dai, J.Z. Lu* , Y.K. Zhang, D.P. Wen, L. Zhang, K.Y. Luo, X.J. Xu, L. Cai, Effect of submicron SiC particle on friction and wear properties of copper matrix composites under oil-lubricated condition.Advanced Composite Materials, 2013, 22(3): 191-202.(SCI收录)

4) F.Z. Dai, J.Z. Lu* , Y.K. Zhang, D.P. Wen, X.D.Ren, J.Z. Zhou. Surface integrity of micro-dent arrays fabricated by a novel laser shock processing on the surface of ANSI 304 stainless steel.Vacuum,2014, (106): 69-74.(SCI收录)

5) F.Z. Dai, J.Z. Lu, Y.K. Zhang, D.P. Wen, X.D. Ren, J.Z. Zhou, Effect of laser spot size on the residual stress field of pure Al treatedby laser shock processing: Simulations.Applied Surface Science, 2014, 316: 477-483. (SCI收录)

6)F.Z. Dai, Y.K. Zhang, J.Z. Lu, D.P. Wen, X.J. Hua, X.D. Ren, J.Z. Zhou, A method to decrease surface roughness in laser shock processing. Surface and Coatings Technology, 2015, 261:35-40.(SCI收录)

7)F.Z. Dai, D.P.Wen, Y.K. Zhang, J.Z. Lu, X.D. Ren, J.Z. Zhou, Micro-dimple array fabricated on surface of Ti6Al4V with a masked laserablation method in air and water. Materials and Design 2015, 84: 178-184. (SCI收录)

8) Fengze Dai,Jianzhong Zhou, Jinzhong Lu, XinminLuo, A technique to decrease surface roughness in overlapping laser shock peening. Applied Surface Science 370 (2016) 501–507.

9) F.Z. DAI, Z.D. ZHANG, J.Z. ZHOU, Y.K. ZHANG, ANALYSIS OF SURFACE ROUGHNESS AT OVERLAPPING LASER SHOCK PEENING, Surface Review and Letters, 2016, 23(3),16500121-165001210.

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