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Associate ProfessorMaster Instructor

ADDRESSSchool of Machinery Engineering, Jiangsu University Xuefu Road Zhenjiang City Jiangsu province China





Research Interest

My areas of specialization is machinery manufacturing and automation. I mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of all kinds of gears and measurement. Also I am interested in dynamic characteristics of mechanical transmission.

Education Background

1) Name of School: Juangsu University

Degree & Academic area: PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Degree obtained date: June 30,2006

2) Name of School: Juangsu University of Science and Technology

Degree & Academic area: Master in Environmental Engineering

Degree obtained date: June 30,1999

3) Name of School: Zhengzhou Institute of Technology

Degree & Academic area: Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Degree obtained date: June 30,1993

Teaching Courses

? Geometric tolerances and testing

? Green Manufacturing

? Principles of metal cutting and tool

Research Achievement

1) Wang Zhi; Xie Huakun; Wang Guicheng, Error Analysis of a New Gear Measurement for Bevel gear. China Mechanical Engineering Vol.16 7(2005) p.6236264

2) Wang Zhi; Wang Guicheng; Xie huakun Error Seperation Method for Bevel Gear Measurement Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery Vol.36 (9) 2005 p.128131

3) Wang Zhi; Xie huakun; Wang Guicheng, Simulation of Gears Transmission System Transactions of the Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery Vol.36 (9) 2005 p. 110114

4) Wang Z. Xie, H. K. A New Device for Measurement of Bevel Gears errors and Simulation of the Transmission System. Journal of the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineers. VOL.27 2006 p.197303

5) Wang Z. Xie H.K. Simulation of Bevel Gear Transmission System. Proceedings of Asia Simulation Conference 2005 10 p.282287

6) Wang Z. Shi Z.Y. Measure Bevel Gear and Corresponding Three Dimension Solid Model Founded The Fourth International Conference on Innovative Computing Information and Control 2009 12

7) Zhi Wang Guicheng Wang Equivalent Conversion Calculation of Straight Bevel Gear Mesh Stiffness The 5th International Conference on Natural Computation 2009.7 p 204 209

Invent Patent

Wang Zhi; Duan Rongan; Xie Huakun and Wang Guicheng An method and Corresponding Device of measuring error of gear ZL03132044.4 2005 .3

Represent Projects

? national scientific and technological project 2011BAF09B07

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