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Name : Yuqin Guo

Associate Professor; M. S. supervisor

Address : Room B606-2 School of Mechanical Engineering

Phone: (86)018852876617, (86)511-88780171

Fax: (86)511-88780171

E-mail: guoyuqin@ujs.edu.cn, 367047306@qq.com


2001-2005 Ph.D, Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

1996-1999 M.S,Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Science and Technology University, China

1992-1996 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Xi'an Science and Technology University, China.

Professional Experience

2009- Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, China

2013-2014 Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA

2010-2012 PostDoc,Traffic Engineering, Jiangsu University, China

2007-2009 Associate professor, Xuzhou Normal University, China

1999-2007 Lecture,Xuzhou Normal University, China

Social academic post

Premium Member, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society , CMES

Research interests

Automobile Light weight Manufacturing Technology and Quality Control. The research interest includes the development of manufacturing technologies for the lightweight automobile load-bearing and non load-bearing components, the forming process simulation, defect prediction and process scheme optimization based on the CAE technique.

The main fields are focused on:

A) the stamping of the high strength steel at room temperature and elevated temperature;

B) the thermoforming of CFRP pregregs;

C) the stamping of Steel/CFRP hybrid laminate to obtain lightweight automobile components;

D) The development of various stamping dies with heating and temperature control functions.

Teaching Courses

Automobile Manufacturing Technology

Geometric Tolerance and Measurement Technology

Stamping Process and Die Design

Honors and Awards

1. Award of Young Back-bone Teacher Training Qinglan Engineering of Jiangsu Province, 2008

2. Award of Outstanding Young Teachers and Principals To Go Abroad for Training Programs of Jiangsu Province, 2012

3. Award of Six Talent Peak Selection and Training Programs in Jiangsu Province, 2016

Main Research Projects

1. Research and control of coordination deformation behaviors of Steel/CFRP lightweight automobile components during stamping (No. XNYQC-002), the Six Talent Peak Selection and Training Programs, 2016-2019.

2. Coordination Deformation Behaviors of Steel/CFRP hybrid multi-states material (No.FCJJ2015010), the Young science and technology supports fund of Jiangsu University, 2015-2018.

3. Study on shearing fracture behaviors of fluent-solid dual status CFRP material and characterization(No.51105180), NSFC, 2012-2014.

4. Study on Subsequent yield behavior of DP steel during warm forming at high strain rate considering the temperature gradient effect (No.2011M500857), the national postdoctoral fund project, 2012-2013.

5. Research on warm formability of high strength steel sheet based on the product of strength and elongation (No.1002034C), the postdoctoral fund project of Jiangsu Province, 2011-2012.

6. Two-step blow molding process of the amorphous alloy blanks with variable thickness (No.10JDG022), Research Foundation for advanced talents of Jiangsu university, 2010-2014.

7. Research on warm formability of DP steel laser tailor welded blank considering the constraints of strength and stiffness(No. 200903 ), the Open fund of Shanghai Numerical Auto-body Key Lab, 2010-2011.

8. Research on springback of automotive cover panels with complex shape considering the trimming effect(No. 07KJB460113), Colleges and universities natural science fund projects in Jiangsu province, 2007-2009.

Main Scientific Publications

1. Guo Yuqin,Xu Haifeng, Li Fuzhu, Zhu Xinfeng. Research on a combined hot stamping process of lightweight Steel/CFRP components. Forging & Stamping Technology. 2016,49(9):28-30,34.

2. Guo Yu-qin, WANG Shuai, ZHU Xin-feng, LI Fu-zhu. Study on the subsequent yield behaviors of DP steel under warm tension. Journal of plasticity engineering. 2015,22(4):141-145.

3. Guo Yu-qin, WANG Shuai, ZHU Xin-feng, LI Fu-zhu, et al. Proposal of warm forming fracture criterion and forming limit prediction of B340/590 DP steel. Journal of plasticity engineering. 2015,22(3):38-43.

4. Guo Yu-qin, SUN Min-hang, YANG Yan, TANG Peng-peng. Vertical Shearing Fracture Behavior of Carbon FiberReinforced Plastic of Different Status. Chinese Journal of Materails Research. 2015 , 29 (7): 489-495(EI:20153401195758).

5. Yuqin Guo, Minhang Sun, Fuzhu Li and Xuelian Wu. A hierarchy fuzzy evaluation of CFRP machining processes based on the fuzzy soft set theory and subjectivity control. Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2014, 6(7):2515-2522 (EI: 201439076051).

6. Guo Yuqin, Yuan Bao, Meng Zhao, et al. Study on composite molding process and device for CFRP materials. Forging & Stamping Technology. 2014,39(2): 53-56.

7. Yu Qin Guo, Zhao Meng, Min Hang Sun, Fu Zhu Li, Wei Chen. Study on Resin Infusion Behavior of the CFRP Integrated Manufacturing Process Based on RFI Process. Advanced Materials Research,Materials and Processes Technologies 2014: 1243-1248 (EI: 20142717904302).

8. Yuqin Guo, Zhao Meng, Minhang Sun, Wei Chen, Long Chen.Quality of CFRP cross-sections by cutting at the situation of resin infiltration and their defects suppressing. Advanced Materials Research. 2014(912-914):490-495 (EI: 20142217769490).

9. Yuqin Guo,Zhao Meng, Fuzhu Li, Wei Chen, Juan Guo. An integrated manufacturing process of CFRP parts based on RFI and cutting processApplied Mechanics and Materials, 2013,365-366:1090-1094(EI:20134316887837).

10. Yuqin Guo, Zhao Meng, Fuzhu Li,Wei Chen and Long Chen. Study On the Dent Resistance Of Warm Forming HSS Parts with Free-Form Surface, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2013,365-366:1030-1034(EI: 20134316887823) .

11. Guo YuqinHan JuanjuanZhao MengChen LongChen Wei. The abnormal deformation behavior of B340/590 DP steel at elevated temperature,Applied Mechanics and Materials,2013(275-277):1843-1847, (EI:20130716013432).

12. Yuqin Guo, Xin Yang, Juanjuan Han, Wei Chen, Zhao Meng. Research about warm-hot forming process control of LTWB auto B-pillar. Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 472-475: 3078-3082(EI:20121214875480).

13. Yuqin Guo, Xin Yang, Juanjuan Han, Wei Chen. Blow molding process optimization of amorphous alloy tube blank based on POLYFLOW software. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 2012, 121-126: 3827-3831 (EI: 20114714533904).)

14. Yuqin Guo, Xin Yang, Juanjuan Han, Wei Chen. Blow molding process optimization of amorphous alloy tube blank based on DEFORM software. Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 487: 525-529 ( EI:20121414916072).

15. Y Q Guo, W Chen, F Z Li and X Yang. Warm Tension Flow Stress Model of DP Steel LTWB Based on KS Function. Advanced Materials Research, 2011, 160-162: 568-573(EI: 20110213566626).

16. Yuqin Guo,Wei Chen, Xin Yang.Study on the Mechanism of Improving the Formability of DP Steel LTWB at the Elevated Temperature Level. Advanced Materials Research,2011,189-193: 236-241(EI: 20111113749087).

17. GUO Yu-qin, XIN He-yi. Implementation of virtual assembly and working process simulation of a kind of recombining multi-function stamping mould. Machinery Design&Manufacture. 2010,8:231-233.

18. GUO Yu-qin. Study on influence of trimming process on springback of stamping part. Machinery Design&Manufacture. 2010,2:108-110.

19. Guo Yuqin, He Chengwen, SUN Dengfu. Study on forming simulation and springback for the gusset plate of spare wheel garrier of automobile based on CAE. Machine Tool & Hydraulics. 2008, 36(5): 280-283.

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23. Guo Yuqin, Li Fuzhu, Wang Xiaochun, et al. Study on springback prediction approach combining dynamic-explicit FEM with simulated annealing. China Mechanical Engineerign. 2005,6(23):2149-2152(EI: 2006029638576).

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25. Guo Yuqin, Jiang Hong, Wang Xiaochun. Establishment and implementation of an equivalent drawbead model considering material anisotropic and baushinger effect. China Mechanical Engineerign. 2004,15(20): 1843-1846(EI:2004538754882).


1. Guo Yuqin, Wang Shuai, Meng Zhao, Li Fuzhu, Chen Long, Chen Wei. A device and approach assisting to realize therforming experiments and variable cooling rate. China Patent Appl. No.ZL201410231516.7,Feb. 03, 2016.

2. Guo Yuqin, Meng Zhao, Sun Minhang, Li Fuzhu, Chen Wei, Chen Long. An adjustable heating rate and controllable temperature die and its control approach. China Patent Appl. No.ZL201410231562.7,Dec. 07, 2015.

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6. Guo Yuqin. A reconfigurable various geometry stamping dies. China utility model patent. No.ZL 2009 20045945.X, Mar.10, 2010.

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