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Jianzhong ZHOU

ProfessorPh.D supervisor


301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212013, PR China





Research fields and interests:

1. Laser shock peening and laser direct manufacturing

2. Digital mould design and rapid manufacturing; CAD /CAE Technology

3. Anti-fatigue manufacturing mechanism based on laser shock waves

Education background:

? Sept. 1999May 2003: Studied at Jiangsu University, received DS degree. Major: Machinery Manufacture and its Automation

? Sept.1990May 1993: Studied at Jiangsu Polytechnic University, received MS degree. Major: Machinery Manufacturing

? Sept. 1982July 1986: Studied at Jiangsu Polytechnic University, received BS degree. Major: Machine Design and Manufacturing

? Mar.2005Sept. 2005: Visiting professorKonstanz University of Applied Science, Germany

Teaching Courses

Machinery manufacturing technology, Flexible automatic manufacturing system, Die and Mold computer aided design and manufacture, Fundamentals of impacting dynamics.

Scientific achievements and Awards:

Prof. Zhou holds 15 invention patents in China, and has published 4 Monographs and more than 150 research papers in journals and conferences, 110 of them indexed by SCI and EI. He has won 1 second award of Ministry of Education of China for sci-tech invention, 2 second and third award for sci-tech advancement of machinery industry, second awards for sci-tech advancement of Jiangsu Province.

Present research Projects:

1. Characterization and Control for residual stress of metal components induced by laser shock peening. National Nature Science Foundation of China,

2. Fundamental research on performance improvement of micro-components by micro-scale laser peening. The Ph.D. Program Foundation of Ministry of Education of China.

3. Microscale laser shock peening for improving the reliability of MEMS components, Natural Science Foundation for University of Jiangsu Province

4. Micorscale laser shock peening—pressure modeling, performance improving mechanism and process plan. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province

5. Digital analysis on fatigue life of metal component under laser shock loading. QingLan Project of Jiangsu Province

Society Memberships

Professor Zhou is also active in professional activities. He is a senior Member of China Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES), standing member of Laser Processing Committee of China Optical Society (LPC-COS), member of China Die and Mold Industrial Association (CDMIA), and Standing Member of Machinery Industrial Automation Society of China.

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