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Yinfang JIANG


ADDRESS301 Xuefu Road, School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang

PHONE(86) 511-88791542

FAX(86) 511-88791542



Research Interest

Mould & Die CAD/CAE/CAM, modeling design and control of deformation processes, Laser shock processing

Education Background

l BS Materials Science and Engineering, Jiangsu engineering college, (1980-1984)

l MS Mechanical design and manufacture, Jiangsu University , (2000-2004)

l PhD Mechanical design and manufacture, Jiangsu University , (2006-)

Teaching Courses

l Engineering materials

l Material molding and forming

l Fundament of mechanical manufacture

l Mould CAD/CAM

Research Achievement


[1] Yinfang Jiang, Zhenzhou Tang, Zhifei Li and Lei Fang: Research on the Forming Limit Diagram Based on Laser Shock Forming. Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 44-47 (2011) pp 148-152.

[2] JIANG Yinfang, TANG Zhenzhou, FANG Lei and LI Zhifei: The Effect of Process Parameters on Strain Rates in Laser Shock Forming. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 464 (2011) pp 572-575.

[3] JIANG Yin-fang, FANG Lei, LI Zhi-fei and TANG Zhen-zhou: Study on the Formability of Square Box Deep Drawing of Tailor Rolling Blanks. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 464 (2011) pp 469-473.

[4] Jiang Yinfang, Li Zhifei, Tang Zhenzhou and Fang Lei: Study on the Drawing and Trimming Springback Characteristics of Hyperboloid shallow shell of Tailor Welded Blanks. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 464 (2011) pp 438-442.

Represent Projects

1. Jiangsu Provincial Natural Science Foundation (SBK2009203)

2. Natural Science Foundation of China (51075193)

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