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301 Xuefu Road, School of Mechanical Engineering,Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang;Postal Code:212013

PHONE: 0511-88790373




Research Interest

  • ü Digital design and manufacturing technology(CAD/CAE/CAM)
  • ü Laser processing and simulation technology
  • ü Pulse forming technologyHigh-speed forming technology

Education Background

Master degree of Mechanical Manufacturing(CAD/CAM) from Xi'an Jiaotong University (Degree conferred 1995)

Teaching Courses

  • ü Mechanical CADMechanical Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  • ü Digital design and Digital manufacturing technology.

Research Achievement

Representative Publications

1. Xiao WangPin LiZhenkai XuXinhua SongHuixia Liu. Laser transmission joint between PET and titanium for biomedical application[J].Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 201021013):1767-1771 (SCI indexedIF=1.143

2Xiao Wang, Jian-Ying Zhu, Jian Li, Wei Chen, Lan Cai Numerical Analysis of Elasto-Hydrodynamically Lubricated Point Contacts with Three Dimensional Laser Micro-Texturing Asperity. International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation,8(4),553-559, 2007 (SCI indexed, IF=4.386)

3. X. Wang, J.Y. Zhu, W. Chen, L. Cai Influence of micro-patterned laser surface texturing on the tribological performance. International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, 2007, 29,(2/3/4): 114 - 119 EI indexed

4. Wang, Xiao;Liu, Huixia;Chen,Wei; Liu, Changjing;Fu,Yonghong;Cai,Lan. Full numerical simulation to the performance of micro-textured mechanical face seals[J]. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems 2008, 7:267-270EI indexed

5. Huixia Liu, Zongbao Shen, Xiao Wang,Hejun Wang, Numerical simulation and experimentation of a novel laser indirect shock forming [J]. Journal of Applied Physics, 2009,106063107 SCI indexedIF=2.201

6. Huixia Liu, Zongbao Shen, Xiao Wang, Hejun Wang. Maoke Tao, Numerical simulation and experimentation of a novel micro scale laser high speed punching, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture2010, 50491-494.(SCI indexedIF=1.576)

7. Huixia Liu, Zongbao Shen, Xiao Wang, Hejun Wang. Maoke Tao, Micromould based laser shock embossing of thin metal sheets for MEMS applications, Applied Surface Science2010,2564687-4691.(SCI indexedIF=1.576)

Edited Books

1. Reverse engineering technology and its applications 2004

2.CATIA Reverse Engineering Practical Course 2006

3. Pro Engineer Wildfire 3.0 Engineering Applications series,5,2007

4CATIA product design and development of digital series ,3, 2009

5UG NX5.0 tutorial series,4, 2009

Represent Projects

1.Numerical control and laser aided Parallel machine toolsNumber: 09C26213203835Science and Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund 2009-2011 School moderator).

2 R & D and manufacturing of Numerical control and laser aided Parallel machine tools NumberBC2009262 Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency2009-2011School moderator

Awards and Honors

Mainly provide academic scientific research honor:

2nd place (second level),Laser micro-manufacturing and its energy-saving and antifriction technology and applied research on friction surface, China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award ,2008.

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