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Hanyou REN

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Hanyou Ren,male, was born in 1955 and from Yancheng,Jiangsu province.He studied in the mechanical manufacturing department of Jiangsu Institute from 1975 to 1978 and now works as the chairman、president and party secretary of the Jiangsu Jinxiang Reducer Company Ltd,as well as a senior engineer.Since he served as the main person in charge of the company in June,1996,he has united his staff to step forward,work hard and has achived much with his entrepreneurial style 、new management concept 、rich knowledge and realistic style of working.During half of the year 1996 whenhe took the post,he took the company out of deficiency to profitability,with the output value 37039 thousand yuan and the profit 499.3 thousand yuan .His company`s situation of the production and operation is becoming increasingly flourish and the economic profit is growing year after year.Especially in recent years, he and the enterprise have done much in the internal reforming、structural adjustment of the production、changing the investment technically and market development.The economic profit of the enterprise has increased significantly and been well known for two things” The richest production and the highest-tech”,becoming a rising star in the local machinery industry

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