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Jinan GU

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Jinan GU

Professor, Doctor and Doctoral supervisor


School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, Jiangsu Zhenjiang, 212013

PHONE86 511 88790627(O), 88780169(O), 013775532966

FAX 86 511 88790627(O)

E-mailgjnan@ujs.edu.cn; gujinan@tsinghua.org.cn


Research Interest

1. The theories of complex product modeling and innovation design

2. Manufacturing information engineering

3. Virtual machinery design and assembly

4. Mechanical CAD / CAE

5. Intelligent robots design and simulation

Education background

GU Ji-nan obtained the doctorate in Jiangsu University in June, 2000.

Teaching Courses

GU Ji-nan teaches 6 undergraduate courses and 4 postgraduate courses. For instance Engineering graphics, Computer graphics, Mechanical Products Virtual Design, based on network design and manufacture, Intelligent integration technology for manufacturing resources, and so on. He has guided independently more than 50 graduate and doctoral students.

Research Achievement

GU Ji-nan has published 100 pieces of papers in Mechanical Engineering Journal, China Mechanical Engineering and other Journals, and 15 pieces of academic conference papers. 2 pieces of them received the First Class Award of zhenjiang scientific papers in the Seventh and eighth congress. He has published 12 writings and teaching as chief editor and deputy editor.

1. Ji-nan Gu, Lin-xuan Zhang, et al. Research of assembles sequence planning of topological sort of directed graph on reasoning and the optimization. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering.2003EI

2. Ji-nan Gu, Wei Pang, et al. On the basis of assembly unit technology of assembility evaluating. Journal of Agricultural Machinery. 2003.3 (34) EI

3. Ji-nan Gu, Xiao-Qing Zou. The research and realized of similarity of mechanical accessories in mechanical-resource database. China Mechanical Engineering. 2006.12 (17)EI

4. Ji-nan Gu, Li-feng Lu. Capability maturity model of process-oriented enterprise for collaborative commerce environment. International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity 2009.4EI

5. Ji-nan Gu, Guo-jing Li. Study on heterogeneous data integration model facing mobile environment, MACE2010EI

Represent Projects

GU Ji-nan has accomplished 70 research projects, including the National High-Tech. R&D Program and the National Natural Science Foundation, the significant and important Program of Jiangsu Province, the plan Program of Information Department, the open program CAD&CG from Zhejiang University’s national key laboratory, the Science and Technology public service platform program of Jiangsu Province, etc. Fifteen programs have been identified by higher authorities, and some of them have achieved the international advanced level.

1. the National High-Tech. R&D Projects (2003AA414021)

2. the National High-Tech. R&D Projects (2006AA10Z258)

3. the Technological Research Projects of Henan Province(072102240018)

4. the Open Projects of CAD&CG national key laboratory of Zhejiang University’s (A0702)

5. the Open Projects of Robotics State Key Laboratory(RLO201006)

Honors and Awards

GU Ji-nan has won many awards such as the excellent young backbone teacher of Jiangsu University for three times, outstanding Visiting Scholar of the national CIMS engineering technology research center, excellent young backbone teacher in "Blue Project" of Jiangsu province’s colleges. He has won more than 30 awards, including the First Class Award for Science and Technology Progress from the State Ministry of Education, the Second Class Award for Science and Technology Progress of Mechanical Industry, the First Class Award of teaching results in Jiangsu Province, etc.

Society Memberships

GU Ji-nan is the director of Manufacturing Information Research Center of Jiangsu University, deputy director of Mechanical Design Department, Senior Member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, President of Zhenjiang Information Academy, committee of manufacturing technology professional committee, special invited editor of China Manufacturing Information, etc.

Address: 301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

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