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JianNing Ding

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Jianning DING


ADDRESSMicro/Nano Science and Technology Center, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, 212013, P.R. China

PHONE86 511 88791548

FAX86 511 88780352



Specializations & Research Interests

MEMS/NEMS, Micro-sensor, Micro-energy, micro/nano system design and manufacture, nano-tribology and nano-surface engineering


PhD mechanical design Tsinghua University in 2001

Ms.D mechanical engineering Yanshan university 1988-1991

Bs.D Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation Yangzhou university 1983-1986

Teaching Interests

Design and fabrication of MEMS

Publications List

1. Ding JN*, Kan B, Cheng GG, et al. Numerical Approach to Torsion Deformation of Armchair Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes. International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation, 2008, 9(4):309-314

2. Ding JN(17): 174102*, Yuan NY, Li F, et al. Geometry and stability of CunN (n=1-6) and Cu3nNn (n=1-5) clusters. Journal of Chemical Physics, 2009, 131

3. Ding GQ, Yang R, Ding JN*, Yuan NY, Zhu YY, Fabrication of Porous Anodic Alumina with Ultra small Nanopores, Nanoscale Research Letters, 2010, 5(8): 1257-1263

4. Ding JN*, Chen J, Yang JC. The effects of surface roughness on nanotribology of confined two-dimensional films. Wear, 2006, 260 (1-2): 205-208 (SCI, 2009年IF1.771)(IDS 号: 971XD)

5. Ding GQ, Yang R, Ding JN*, Yuan NY, Shen WZ, Micro scale steps and micro-nano combined structures by anodizing aluminum, Applied Surface Science, 2010, 256(21): 6279-6283

6. Chen Zhi-hui,Qiu Jun-fu,Liu Cheng,Ding Jian-ning,Zhu Yuan-yuan, Preparation of Bi4Ti3O12 nanopower by azeotropic co-precipitation and dielectric properties of the sintered ceramic. Ceramics International,2010,36 : 24-244

7. G.Q. Ding, W.Z. Shen, J.N. Ding, N.Y. Yuan, Deposition behavior on the barrier layer of porous anodic alumina. Applied Physics A, 2010, 99: 505-509 (SCI).

8. J.N. Ding, F. Ye, N.Y. Yuan, C.B. Tan, Y.Y. Zhu, G.Q. Ding, and Z.H. Chen, The relationship of etching behavior and crystal orientation of aluminum doped zinc oxide films. Applied Surface Science, 2010, 257: 1420-1424

9. Yuan Yuan Zhu, Gu Qiao Ding, Jian Ning Ding, Ning Yi Yuan, AFM, SEM and TEM Studies on Porous Anodic Alumina. Nanoscale Research Letters, 2010, 5: 725-734

10. Ding Jian-Ning, Wang Jun-Xiong, Yuan Ning-Yi, Kan Biao, Chen Xiao-Shuang, Electronic band transformation from indirect gap to direct gap in Si-H compound. Chinese Physics B, 2010, 19: 077103 (SCI).

11. Wang, Xiu-Qin; Ding, Jian-Ning; Yuan, Ning-Yi; Ding, Gu-Qiao; Ni, JianLin; Kan, Bao, The Micro-structure and Optical Properties of Mn-doped ZnO Thin Film Fabricated by Sol-gel Technique. 2010 IEEE 5th International Conference on Nano/Micro Engineered and Molecular Systems, NEMS (2010) 692-695

12. Biao Kan, Jianning Ding, Zhiyong Ling, Ningyi Yuan, Guanggui Cheng. Atomic scale mass delivery driven by bend kink in single walled carbon nanotube. Applied Surface Science, 2010, 256(11): 3418-3422 (SCI).

13. Biao Kan, Jianning Ding, Ningyi Yuan, Junxiong Wang, Zhigang Chen, Xiaoshuang Chen, Transverse electric field–induced deformation of armchair single-walled carbon nanotube. Nanoscale Res Lett, 2010, 5: 1144–1149

14. Jianning Ding, Biao Kan, Ningyi Yuan, Junxiong Wang, Zhigang Chen, Xiaoshuang Chen, The effect of external electric fields on the electronic structure of (5,5)/(10,0) metal–semiconductor single wall carbon nanotube intermolecular junction. Physical E, 2010, 42: 1590–1596

15. Ying Wang, Liping Wang, Qunji Xue, Ningyi Yuan, Jianning Ding, A facile method to improve tribological properties of silicon surface by combining nanogrooves patterning and thin film lubrication. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects, 2010, 372: 139–145

16. Biao Kan, Jianning Ding, Guanggui Cheng, Xiuqin Wang, Zhen Fan and Zhiyong Ling, Frequency shift of single-walled carbon nanotube under axial load. Int. J. Surface Science and Engineering, 2010, 4(3): 269-277

17. Yuan Ningyi, Li Feng, Ding Jianning, and Wang Xiuqin, Preparation and properties of proper nitride thin film, Rare metals, 2009, 28:427-430

18. Chen Zhihui, Qiu Junfu, Liu Cheng, Ding Jianning, Zhu Yuanyuan, Novel synthesis of SrBi4Ti4O15 nanopower by n-amyl co-precipitation method and the dielectric properties of the ceramic, Rare metals , 2009, 28:695

19.Guoxin Xie , Jianning Ding, Beirong Zheng, Wei Xue,Investigation of adhesive and frictional behavior of GeSbTe films with AFM/FFM,Tribology International,2009, 42:183–189. (SCI)

20. Guoxin Xie, Jianning Ding, Shuhai Liu,Wei Xue, Jing Luo. Interfacial properties for real rough MEMS/NEMS surfaces by incorporating the electrostatic and Casimir effects-a theoretical study. Surface and Interface Analysis, 2009,41:338-346(SCI)

21. G. G. Cheng, J. N. Ding, G. X. Xie, B. Kan, Z. Y. Ling, Z. Fan. Mechanical and Electrical Properties of the Phosphor-doped Nano-silicon Film under External Electric Field, Surface and Interface Analysis,2009,41:384-388

22.Quan Wang,Jianning Ding,Wei Xue,Zhiyong Ling,Micro machining Process of high temperature pressure sensor gauge chip based on SIMOX SOI Wafer,Int. J. Materials and Product Technology, 2008, 31(2-4) : 375-385 (SCI)

23.Zhen Fan,Jianning Ding,Zhiyong Ling,Guoxin Xie,AFM/FFM study of micro/nano tribological properties of Diamond-like Carbon film,Int. J. Materials and Product Technology, 2008, 31(2-4): 365-374

24. Jian-Ning Ding, Biao Kan, Guang-Gui Cheng, Zhen Fan, Ning-Yi Yuan, Zhi-Yong Ling, Numerical Approach to Torsion Deformation of Armchair Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes, International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation, 2008, 9(4):309-314

25.Ding JN, Xie GX, Fan Z, et al. Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Heat-treated GeSbTe Thin Films, Journal of wuhan university of technology-materials science edition,2007,22 (2): 196-200

26.J.N. Ding,P.L. Wong,J.C. Yang,Friction and fracture properties of polysilicon MEMS structures coated with self-assembled monolayers, Wear,2006,Vol 260:209-214

27. Ding Jianning, Fan Zhen; Zhu Shouxing, Yang Jichang,Tribological properties of nanoscale GeSb2Te4 film in the ambient air,Wear, 2006,Vol 260: 223-226

28. Yang P, Liao LB, Ding JN, et al. Nano-scale interfacial friction behavior between two kinds of materials in MEMS based on molecular dynamics simulations ,Journal of wuhan university of technology-materials science edition,2006,21 (4): 173-176

Current Research

He has completed 39 national, provincial and municipal research projects, now he is in charge of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)(50975130)and several provincial and municipal research projects

Honors and Awards

1. In 2007, he was selected into the National Hundred, Thousand, Ten Thousand Talents Program.

2. In 2006, he received special support of 333 Talents Program of Jiangsu Province

3. In 2005, he was granted the ninth Science & Technology Award for the Youth of Jiangsu Province

4. In 2003, his doctoral dissertation was ranked among the National Top 100 Doctor’s Dissertations.

Society Memberships

1. Editor of the journal Sensors & Transducers Journal and Tribology

2. vice director of Chinese Energy Association

Address: 301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China

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