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International Laboratory of Span-Scale Design and Manufacturing

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International Laboratory of Span-Scale Design and Manufacturing
Ping Yang is a full Professor and the supervisor of the “International Laboratory of Span-Scale Design and Manufacturing” of School of Mechanical Engineering of Jiangsu University. He also is the Founder &Associate Editor in Chief of International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity, Editorial Member of Microsystem Technologies, Editorial Member of International Journal of Materials and Product Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Technical Sciences in Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2001. He has worked in various fields of science, engineering and application. In the latest 10 years, he has authored over 70 professional and scholarly publications in the very specialized field of Span-Scale Design and Manufacturing for MEMS/NEMS/OEDS, Electronic System Reinforcement, Intelligent CAD, Nonlinear Dynamics and Mechanics.His avocations include Basketball, Pingpong ball, Dancing, Football, Chess, Martial art etc
Rsearch Area
? Multi-Scale Design and Manufacturing for MEMS/NEMS/OEDS
? Micro/Nano-system Integrity Manufacturing, Packaging and Reliability
? Dynamics and Vibration Control and Reinforcement
? Robot and control technology
? Intelligent CAD and development
? Materials for MEMS/NEMS/OEDS
? Sensor and Measurement
? Cloud Manufacturing
Prof. Ping Yang
Assistant Prof. Jianming (James) Yang (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He is a Guest member. To cultivate doctoral students and master students with close cooperation)
Dr. Qimi Jiang (USA, part-time member), Prof. Fuyun Liu (part-time member), Prof. Binghao Bao, Prof. Fanglai Zhu (part-time member), Dr. Ningbo Liao, Associate Prof. Tianbo Li, Associate Prof. Yongzhong Fu, Dr. Fangwei Xie, Associate Prof. Quan Wang, Dr. Min Chen, Postdoctoral member Chunquan Li, Postdoctoral member Yuling Shang, Postdoctoral member Cailin Li, Ph.D candidate Liqiang Zhang, Ph.D candidate Liang Qi, Lecture Aimin Xiao, Prof.Zhen Fan (part-time member), Lecture Xiaomin Yuan.
Publications(selected by latest 3 years)
1. Testing on dynamic behavior of PBGA assembly by considering fixed-modes. Microelectronics International, 2011,28(2), p23-29
2. Numerical and test evaluation on adhesion properties in Cr/Al interface film. Current Nanoscience, 2011,7(2), 288-293
3. Numerical and experimental investigation for the effects of thermal loading on properties of nanoscale materials interface. Materials Science & Engineering A, 2010, 527, 6076–6081
4. Nanoindentation test and numerical evaluation of Cu-Cr interface structure in micro/nano manufacturing. Composite Interfaces, 2010,17, 789–801
5. Numerical simulation of heat transfer at the interface of dissimilar materials. International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 2010, 20(1) , p84-95
6. Experimental approach and evaluation on dynamic reliability of PBGA assembly. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2009, Vol.56, No.10, p2243-2249
7. Behavior of nanocracks on micro/nano-interfacial structure under thermal flux conditions. Current Nanoscience, 2009, 5(3), p335-338
8. Multi-scale Modeling and Numerical Analysis of Thermal Behavior of Cu-Al Interface Structure in Micro/nano Manufacturing. International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation, 2009, 10(4), 483-491
9. Approach on complex neural-genetic algorithm modeling for isomorphism identification in conceptual design of mechanism. Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 2009, 24(6), p423-431
10.Physical mechanism of interfacial thermal resistance in electronic packaging based on a mixed MD/FE model. IEEE transactions on advanced packaging, 2008, 31(3),p 496-501
11.Numerical analysis on meshing friction characteristics of nano-gear train. Tribology International, 2008,4(6),p 535-541
12.Research on characteristics of interfacial heat transport between two kinds of materials using a mixed MD-FE model. Applied Physics A-materials science & processing, 2008, 92, 329–335
Train for graduate students:
More than 15 graduate students received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from our laboratory since 2004.
Resource for research
1. Vibration test system
2. Impact test system
3. Thermal test system
4. Optical test system

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