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Institute of Advanced Forming Technology

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Institute of Advanced Forming Technology
Xiao-Jing Xu, Professor, Ph.D. supervisor
He is Academic Orientation Leader of National Key Cultivate discipline (Mechanical Manufacturing and its Automation), and is Evaluation expert of State Educational Ministry Fund for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars. He has 12 invention authorized patentson giant straining technology, new generation aluminum alloy, and film/coating. He has published 15 SCI and 60 EI papers. His researching projects (Leader) have National Natural Science Fund of China (grant No.51074079), Industry Support Project of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province of China (No.BE2008118), etc. He was born in 1967, and got his PhD of Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University of China in 2000, his first Post-doctor on Mechanical Manufacturing at Jiangsu University of China, and his second Post-doctor on Mechanical Design at Kyungpook National University of Korea in 2005.
Research Fields
1. Advanced materials manufacturing and Microstructures/properties characterizations
2. Advanced forming technology and Equipment design & manufacturing
3. Tribolgy and Surface science & technology
4. CAE and MD
Li Xingcheng, Ge Xiaolan, Zhang jie, Zhao Yuchun, Wang Hongyu, Cui Xigui, Wu Xuelian, Liu Guiling, Pan Li
1. Grade 2 provincial/ministry science & technology progress award
2. Researching Projects:
a) National Natural Science Fund of China (grant No.51074079): An investigation on rolling-driven equal-channel-angular deformation technique and aluminum's strain strengthening mechanisms.
b) Industry Support Project of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province of China
(No.BE2008118): New generation super aluminum alloy (2099, 7085, and 6013).
c) Industrialization boost project of scientific and technological achievements of university of Jiangsu province of China (Grant No. JH10-37): Scale-up and industrialization of equal channel angular pressing.
d) Outstanding Young Scientist Career Award of Jiangsu University of China: Investigation of selected fronts in mechanical manufacturing and materials sciences.
e) Tribology Laboratory Fund of Jiangsu Province of China (No.kjsmcx06005): Tribological surface engineering of biomedical ultra/nano-grained titanium.
f) Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory for Interventional Medical Devices (No. JR1106): An investigation on surface treatments and its characteristics of nano-grained metals for blood compatibility
3. More than 20 invention patents are authorized
4. More than 200 papers are indexed by SCI, EI, or ISTP
Cultivated talents
1. Provincial excellent master dissertation 2
2. University excellent master dissertation 6
Research Equipments
1. Rolling-driven equal-channel-angular deformation equipments
2. Scale-up equal-channel-angular deformation equipments
3. DC casting equipments
4. Extrusion equipments
5. Heat treatment equipments
6. Friction and Wear teeter
7. Interface bonding force scratch tester
8. Micro hardness tester
9. Mechanical properties tester
10. JEOL JEM-2010 type high resolution transmission electron microscope (HRTEM)
11. Rigaku X-ray diffract meter (model D/max-2500PC)
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