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Institute of Digitalized Manufacturing

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Institute of Digitalized Manufacturing

The Institute of Digital Manufacturing Technology at Jiangsu University is an advanced manufacturing experimental base devoting to education, research and development, technical service and training. The doctoral discipline of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation which it belongs to is one of Jiangsu Province key disciplines and one of national key cultivating disciplines. Mechanical engineering discipline is a first level subject and has the right to grant doctoral and postdoctoral degree. At present, it has four professors and a research and development team including young teachers, graduate and doctoral students. The institute features automotive reverse engineering, synchronous positive development of automotive and Computer-Aided Industrial Design. Based on the research landscape, we have published and served as chief editor of books including “Reverse engineering technology and its applications”, “CATIA Reverse Engineering Practical Course”, five books of “ProEngineer Wildfire 3.0 Series”, three books of “CATIAV5R17 Series”, six books of “UG NX5.0 Series” and so on in the digital design and manufacturing technology aspect.

The current researches mainly lie in:
1. Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing

2. Reverse engineering and product development based on Physical or model

3. Concurrent engineering development technology of complex product

4. CAE analysis of complex product’s performance/Virtual Prototyping and Performance Analysis

5. Laser welding and joining technology

6. Laser processing and simulation technology

7. Impulse forming technology (High-speed forming technology)

8. Micro-nano medical device design and performance analysis

9. Remote operation and control technology of CNC equipment

10. Enterprise Collaborative Manufacturing and Information Integration Technology

Existing equipments:

1. ATOS2.0 Optical 3D Scanner: ATOS system is the product of GOM company in Germany, The system consists of the system host, ATOS scanning head and TRITOP digital camera.

2. Articulated arm coordinate measuring machine CMM Final Acceptance:
(ROMER company INFINITE 2.0 5124)

CMM Final Acceptance

Equipped with advanced non-contact laser scanning probe ScanWorks, the flexibility of the articulated arm measuring machine and surface detection capabilities of real-time laser scanning probe combine perfectly in one.

Some photographs:

Car dashboard development

The development of a certain type of electric car project involved

Development of car interior parts

Address: the Institute of Digital Manufacturing Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University, No.301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province .

Contact: OfficeTel, 0511-88790373 (O); Fax, 0511 -88780276.

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