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Institute of Graphic Technology

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Institute of Graphic Technology

LU ZhangPing(1958-)

The curator of Jiangsu University library, a professor and Ph.D supervisor of the School of Mechanical Engineering. He is now the superintendent of Graphics Technology Institute of Jiangsu university, a commissioner of Teaching Supervisory Committee of Engineering Graphics of the Chinese Ministry of Education, deputy chairman of the Jiangsu Engineering Graphics Society. Prof. Lu Zhangping's research interests focus on the advanced technology in the fields of CAD, computer graphics, digital design and computer aided industry design. He has published more than 50 academic papers and 6 books. He has received many prizes and honors issued by Jiangsu Province Office of Education and the Chinese Ministry of Education, and also been in charge of some provincial projects.

Research Direction

1. Digitized design of agricultural machinery

2. Computer-aided industrial design and conceptual design;

3. Reverse Engineering for arts and products;

4. VR of complex project scenario.


Dai Liling, Yuan Hao, Zhang Wenli, He Canqun, Yao huixue, Pan Jinbiao, Li Mingzhu, Sha Chunfa

Achievements statistics


? Zhenjiang regional literature resources sharing service (JS2009-4), department of education in Jiangsu province.

? Construction of Zhenjiang resource sharing system, department of education in jiangsu province


? The research on optimization of spraying robots track and Off-line programming technology Science and technology hall in Jiangsu province

? The research on Driving force of Science and technology achievements conversion to emerging industry.(RK2010014)

? The construction of service platform in Zhenjiang college information sharing syste1223000166

? The construction of service platform in Zhenjiang science and technology information sharing1722040001

? Research on hand-drawn art under the condition of litetouch, Philosophy and Social Sciences

Foundation for University of the Education Department in Jiangsu Province2011SJB760004


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