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The Photonic Manufacturing Science and Technology

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The Photonic Manufacturing Science and Technology

( Jiangsu province key laboratory )


Professor Zhang Yongkang, Ph.D supervisor. He enjoys the State Council’s Special Allowance. He has been honored with titles of Cross-century Talent of Ministry of Education, Cross-century Academic Leader of Qinlan Program, winner of Sci-tech Award of Jiangsu province, Model Worker of Jiangsu province, Expert with Special Contribution to Jiangsu province. And he was selected as one of the leading scientists for 333 High-level Personnel Training Program.

Associate Director

Professor Zhou Ming, Professor Zhou Jianzhong, Professor Ren Naifei

Lab Secretary

Associate Professor Wang Yun

Research Fields

The Jiangsu Provincial Key Lab of Photonic Manufacturing was established in August 2005 under the authorization of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province. The laboratory sets materials science, mechanical, manufacturing, optics, mechanics, physical chemistry, control, testing, bio-medicine as a whole, which focus on laser processing, testing and other new technology in order to solve the major project requirements of design, manufacturing and testing on optoelectronics, new energy, aerospace, marine, petroleum machinery, automotive, defense and other advanced high-tech equipment. The Lab communicates actively with Harvard University, Columbia University, Duke University, Lyon University, Michigan University, Northwestern University and other foreign universities for cooperation, aiming to promote china’s advanced manufacturing technology, accelerated the development and engineering applications of laser advanced manufacturing technology.

Currently, the four main research directions

1. Photonic manufacturing

2. Photonic Testing

3. Advanced high power laser manufacturing theory and technology based on the mechanical effects of shock wave

4. Preparation of advanced photo-electron function material and device

Team Members

The Laboratory has an outstanding team of forty-five professional researchers with reasonable knowledge and age structures, including 13 Ph.D supervisors, 27 Professors, 9 Associate Professors. Among them, one is Yangtze Fund Scholar, two were selected into the Cross-century Academic Leader of Jiangsu province, eight were selected into the 333 High-level Personnel Training Program, about 130 postgraduates and 40 doctoral students. The research team is appraised as the excellent academic echelon of “Innovation Project of Jiangsu Province” in 2002, and is approved the demonstration base for the postgraduate cultivation of industries, universities and research institutes, mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu Province, in 2003. It was selected as the firstling technology innovation team of Jiangsu University in 2008. The discipline of Mechanic Manufacturing and Automation, with which the key lab is affiliated, was appraised as the provincial key disciplines of Jiangsu Province in 2002, and was assessed as a base for the construction of a national key discipline in 2005.

Investigator on Photonic manufacturing and Photonic Testing:


Zhou Ming, Cai Lan, Ren Naifei, Dai Qixun, Zhang Rongbiao,Wang Yawei, Gao Chuanyu, Fu Yonghong, Liu Huixia, Bi Qinsheng, Yuan Run, Wang Xia, Hua Xijun, Shen Zhiyong

Associate Professor

Sheng Weishen,Gong Aihua,Wang Yun,Wu Chunxia,Chen Ruifang,Ding Hua


Gao Yongfeng,Wang Yunlong,Xu Xiaofang,Li Baojia,Wu Bo,Li Jian

Investigator on Advanced high power laser manufacturing theory and technology based on the mechanical effects of shock wave; Preparation of advanced photo-electron function material and device:


Zhang Yongkang, Yang Jichang, Zhou Jianzhong, Zhou Jun, Hua Yingqun, Feng Aixin, Ding Guilin, Ge Xiaolan, Xu Boqiang, Xu Youyi,Jiang Yinfang, Yin Sumin, Yang Chaojun

Associate Professor

Mao Weiping, Yao Hongbing,Ye Yunxia, Lu Jinzhong, Xu Zhenying, Ren Xudong


1. 2nd prize for advancement in science and technology by Chinese Academy of Sciences, sixteen items the Prize for Advancement Science and Technology at ministerial and provincial level, including three items the 1st prize of ministerial and provincial level.

2. Undertaken and finished over 100 projects, including the key and ordinary projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National 863 Project, the major achievements transfer projects of Jiangsu province, and the Ministerial or Provincial level Projects

3. Over 460 academic papers are published, of which about 130 papers are indexed by SCI, more than 240 papers are indexed by EI.

4. 55 Invention Patents have been approved, 129 Invention Patent were applied

5. Sponsoring the international conferences four times, Co-sponsoring the international conferences and forums four times. The invited reports and Tracks about 20 times.


1. Cultivating 200 Postgraduates,12 pieces Jiangsu province excellent postgraduate’s Dissertations;

2. Cultivating 18 Doctors, one piece the National Top 100 Doctor’s Dissertations, 4 pieces Jiangsu province excellent Doctor’s Dissertations;

3. 15 Enrollment Post-doctors, 3 post-doctoral were out of stations,12 of whom have been funded by Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China,one obtained the special funding Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China.

Research Resources

(1) Femtosecond Laser System (Type: Intergra-C-2.5-SHG)


Micro/nano-fabrication and micro-process on surfaces of various materials; Near-field nano-fabrication based on local field enhancement effect; Micro-surgery and micro-manipulation of Biological cell medium.

(2) Fabry-Periot interferometer (Type: LISOR RT/FR)


Testing of defects in solid; Measuring of Material thickness; Measuring of Elastic modulus of materials; Testing of phase changes of materials; Characterization of composite materials; Measuring of hardness and residual stress of materials.

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