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Laser Shock Processing Technology (machinery industry key laboratory)

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Laser Shock Processing Technology Institute

(machinery industry key laboratory )


Professor Zhang Yongkang, male, born in March 1963, Doctor of engineering, Post doctor of Science, Professor, and enjoys the special allowance of the State Department, he is one of the cross-century talents of the Ministry of Education, also is one of the cross-century academic leaders of "blue project" of colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province, and is regarded as the Young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution.

Deputy directors

Professor Zhou Jianzhong, Professor Feng Aixin and Associate Professor Lu Jinzhong are

Research Fields

Centering on the new technology laser processing, the laboratory aims at solving the major engineering problems of many great projects including offshore engineering equipment, new energy equipment, iron & teal metallurgical equipment, petroleum machinery equipment, wind power & nuclear power equipment, aeronautics & astronautics, automobile, military equipment. The theories and technologies of advanced manufacturing by laser have been studied, and the achievements of our research make great contributions to many fields. For example, settling the problems of the remanufacturing of damaged high added value parts and the anti-fatigue safety of critical equipments serves to the circular economy and energy & resource conservation; settling the problems of the punching of holes at high-strain state satisfies the safety demanding of airplane’s structure; settling the problems of the light-weight of automobiles contributes to the reduction of energy consumption. We are committed to promote the development of advanced manufacturing technology in our country. To gradually narrow the technical gap between ours and the most advanced in the world, we will accelerate the process of research and engineering applications of the advanced manufacturing technology by laser and improve the overall level, the ability to competition and the ability of innovation of our manufacturing industry.

Through many years’ efforts, we have established seven major research ordinations in this field:

Advanced Manufacturing Theory & Technology using Intense Laser based on Mechanical Effect from Laser Shock.

  • ? Measurement of Physical Properties of Interface using Laser.
  • ? Surface Modification and Life Prolonging using Laser.
  • ? Optoelectronic Material & Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Components and Devices.
  • ? Advanced Forming Technology based on Laser Tailor-weld of Sheet.
  • ? Manufacturing Theories & Technology at Floating State.
  • ? Critical Technology for Skid-mounted Fueling Station of LNG Vehicles.

Team Members

Lab is a research team which has rigorous scientific research style, has the spirit of dedication and has reasonable level and age structure. There are 39 fixed researchers in the team, including 10 tutors, 18 professors, 11 associate professors. The team got outstanding discipline echelon of the Jiangsu Province. One of the teammates was chosen as the century leader in the field of Jiangsu province. Six of the teammates were chosen as 333 training person of Jiangsu province. The team owns over 20 doctoral candidates and 70 master's degrees candidates, and has formed a rational structure study team which has the spirit of the unity cooperation. In 2002, the team was evaluated excellent discipline echelon of “youth project” in Jiangsu province higher school. In 2003, the team was approved for mechanical engineering demonstration base of Jiangsu province which is the combination of production, learning and studying for graduating students. In 2008 the team got the first science and technology innovation team of the Jiangsu University


Yongkang Zhang, Jichang Yang, Lan Cai, ianzhong Zhou, AiXin Feng, YInqun Hua, Wei Chen Jun Zhou, Yonghong Fu, Yawei Wang, Guilin Ding, Youyi Xu, Xiao Wang, Sumin Yin, Yinfang Jiang, Chaojun Yang , Xinmin Luo, Xijun Hua

Associate professor

Jinzhong Lu, Hongbing Yao, Yunxia Ye, zhaoyang Zhang, Mingyang Chen, Yun Wang, Zhenying Xu, Yongyu Gu, Kaiyu Luo , Huixue Yao, Weiping Mao, Xudong Ren


  • ? The second Award for National Science and Technology Progress, the first award for Military Science and Technology Progress, the first award for ministerial/provincial Science and Technology Progress and the second award.
  • ? 66 projects for the key and general project of National Natural Science Foundation, provincial major achievements transfer projects and ministerial/provincial projects. Newly added funds was 15.11 million Yuan.
  • ? More than 200 papers were published, of which 44 papers were indexed by SCI and 95 papers were indexed by EI
  • ? Applied 79 invention patents, of which 38 have been authorized
  • ? Host the international conferences 3 times, Co-organized international conferences and forums 4 times, the members of project team participated in international and domestic academic conferences 17 times, gave the invited lectures and chapter lectures 14 times.


  • ? more than 100 masters have graduated from the project team, and six of their papers obtained the title of outstanding master's thesis in Jiangsu Province
  • ? 14 Ph.Ds have graduated from the team, and one of their papers obtained the title of excellent doctoral thesis in Jiangsu Province
  • ? 12 Current Postdocs and 1 Outbound postdoctoral in the team, and ten of them have been funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, and three of them people get special funding by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation

Research Resources

Manufacturing equipment

High-power short-pulse laser processing devices(1 unit):

Nd: Glass Laser:

Repetition rate: 0.5Hz;

Pulse duration: 23ns;

Maximum energy: 35J

5-axis CNC table :

Range of X-axis and Y-axis: 500mm×400mm;

Z-axis range: 500mm;

X-axis and Y axis positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm/m;

X-axis and Y axis positioning accuracy repeat: ±0.01mm/m;

Both directions of rotation can turn 360 ?.

Nd: YAG Laser(from Thales Co.,Ltd, France)(1 unit):

Repetition rate:5Hz-10Hz;

Pluse duration: <15ns ;

Pulse energy: >12J;

Wavelength: 1064nm;

Beam diameter: 3-10mm;

Flat-top in intensity distrubition;

SGR-10 pulsed solid-state laser system(1 unit):

Gain medium:Nd:YAG;

Powered by pulsed discharge xenon lamp;

Electro-optic Q switch;

Wavelength: 1064nm;(wavelength of 532nm,355nm and 266nm are available by crystal nonlinearity exchange)

Repetition rate: 10Hz;

Pulse duration ≤10ns;

Pulse-to-Pulse stability≤3%

High-power CO2 Laser device(2.5KW)

Laser honing equipment

Testing equipment:

Optical surface profiler (Veeco NT1100 );

X-ray stress analyzer(X-350A)

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