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The Experimental and Teaching Center of Mechanical Engineering

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The Experimental and Teaching Center of Mechanical Engineering

The experimental and teaching center of Mechanical engineering (It is called center for short below) is mainly focused on undergraduate teaching, as well as the development of graduate students and young teachers, scientific research, technological development, serving the society and so on. It is one of the units that receive the key investment, development and management from our university and it is named the provincial experimental and teaching center. It is charged by the deputy president of the Mechanical Engineering school that is in charge of teaching items.

The center focuses on developing the person with Compound knowledgevarious abilities and Integrated qualities and it has its own obvious features and advantages on building the teaching system of experiment (practice), exploring new model of training students, creating new mechanisms of teaching and management and so on. It was well known for its engineering sense, engineering abilities and the development of the innovation capacity of the students during the level evaluation of undergraduate teaching by Ministry Education in 2004 and is praised by many experts. In 2004, the output of the center-research and practice on the open engineering training system in higher engineering education got the Grand Prize of teaching achievements in Jiangsu Province and 2005 the second award of the National Teaching Achievement. The center have completed the teaching task of experiment or practice from over ten universities such as Jiangsu University of Science and TechnologyJiangsu Industry University, Suqian College and so on. The leaders and students from over 60 engineering universities all over the country came to the center for learning and communication and the center has became the demonstration base of the engineering training for teaching and research universities in Jiangsu province ,even in Huadong region.

Since the forming of the center, it has been Integrating and restructuring the teaching resources and building the new system of experimentsinternships trainingand other teaching practice, according to the requirement of the ”Standards of the experiment and teaching center in higher demonstration” And the “Training in teaching and research universities” of Education Ministry. It is carrying out systematic exploration and practice on innovative ideas in teaching and practice, the building model of the laboratory, innovation in teaching and management and it initially became the first-class experiment and teaching centers in our country with the advanced concepts, resource sharing, actively adapting to the multi-level, multi-functional, personalized, open needs in training people and the specific management.

The center has played an important role on strengthening students’ engineering awareness and capabilities, developing the students` sense and capability of innovation and so on. It`s construction concepts, operating mechanism and the model of management have important values of reference and demonstration.

Vice Governor Wang Zhan inspected the experiment center

The foreign experts visited the experiment center

Intelligently loading plate hydraulic testing machine

3-coordinate measuring machine

LGMAZAK manufacturing center

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