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Research Center of Micro-nanometer Science & Technology

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Institute of Packing Technology

Research leaders

  • ? Zhang shiqing, male, born in 1962.10, associate professor, tutor of postgraduate, director of Packaging technology institute, outstanding teachers of UJS. young key teacher.
  • ? Zhang xiliang, male, born in 1964.8, D. E. , doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of Packaging technology institute, outstanding teachers of UJS. young key teacher.
  • ? Luxin, male, born in 1970.11,M.Eengineerdeputy director of Packaging technology institute

Research field and direction

  • 1. Automatic Quantitative Techniques of Materials

Analyzing characteristics of materials by computer numerical simulation and testing analysis, to research automatic quantitative new methods and new theory, to develop automatic quantitative system in industry and agriculture by modern measurement and control technology such as applying computer technology, net communication, intelligent control etc.

  • 2. Dynamic Measurements and Weighting Technology

Discussing signal acquisition, analysis and processing in dynamic measurements; study rapid and accuracy dynamic weighting technology in moving or vibrating object; developing structure of material transmitting, sensor equipment ,structure of scale ,dynamic respond and dynamic compensate treatment.

  • 3. Automatic Packaging Technology

To study new methods of automatic package ,to develop new style automatic packaging machine, including new open box devices, closing box devices ,packaging technology .

  • 4. Heating Contract packaging Technology

Study heating wind and infrared ray heating technology in heating contract packaging. Comprehensive analysis of heating contract film’s contract character and contract tension by applying finite element methods on such as heating wind flow field, temperature fields, infrared ray Illumination fields etc.


Zhang shiqingzhang xiliangLuxinLi boquanChen liangLuo kaiyuHu hongmeiZhu yunmin,Fangyuying,Pan haibin

Honors and Awards
1) Energy saving pellet grate key manufacturing technology and application, the second awards of Nation Science and Technology Advancement Prize (2009)
2) Energy efficient environmentally friendly pellet grate series equipment development and application , the first awards of JIANGSU Science and Technology Advancement Prize (2007)
3) Energy saving pellet chain grate machine manufacturing complete sets of equipment and key R & D, the second awards of Machinery Industry Federation Science and Technology Advancement Prize (2007)
4) Anniversary of high-quality rare mushroom production technology and equipment, he second awards of ZHENJIANG city Science and Technology Advancement Prize (2008)
5) Automatic mechanism of powder materials and systems research and development of quantitative, UJS Outstanding doctoral thesis(2008)
Main Project
1) Automatic dosing powder materials and application of new methods,2005
2) Species of edible fluids research and application system,2005
3) Vegetable greenhouses environmental management expert system demonstration,2009
4) Application of the mushroom liquid spawn cultivation techniques of factory,2009
5) Regional agricultural disaster monitoring and warning system of weather radio,2009
6) Meter area of agricultural operations and the area of measurement,2009
1) An integrated device for the cultivation and inoculation of liquid edible fungus, Patent license number:ZL200510094612.2
2) Method and device for interval allocation and location of running chain and shaft inside grate bed, Patent license number: ZL200710023568.5
3) A fan system control method and device for keeping the plant from frosting, Patent license number:ZL200810124434.7
4) A kind of automatic inoculation machine for bag cultivation liquid edible fungus and its operation technology, Patent license number:ZL200910031913.9
5) Device and method for automatically quantitative liquidity test of power materials, Patent license number:ZL200710190911.5
6) Device and method for grain flow measurement of combine, Patent license number:ZL200810019755.0
7) Heat recovery technology and device of the grate bed, Patent license number: ZL 200910031040.1
8) Integrated control method and system for controlling temperature field and pressure field inside grate bed, Patent license number:ZL200910031164.x
9) A kind of inoculation sealing machine for bag cultivation liquid edible fungus and its operation technology, Patent license number:ZL200910031910.5
10) Farmland area measurement system and method based on GPS Patent license number:ZL200910036283.4
Selected Publications
1) Overview of techniques of solid material dosing,Journal of Packaging Engineering,2002,vol.23(5)
2) Powder granular agricultural products of mixed automatic packing research ,Journal of Agricultural Engineering 2003,vol 19(2)
3) Granular material mixed powder dosing technology research ,Journal of Measurement Science,2003,vol 24(4)
4) Packaging machine and process control systems, Journal of Light Industry Machinery, 2003,3
5) Quantitative study of hybrid weighing system ,Journal of Agricultural Machinery Engineering,2004,vol 35(6)
6) Weighing combination of performance analysis and simulation study, Journal of Agricultural Machinery Engineering,2004,vol 36(12)
7) Powder material flow simulation, Journal of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, [J].2008,39(8):196~198
8) WIM signal wavelet threshold of the mandatory. Journal of JIANGSU UNIVERSITY(Science version), 2009,30(3)


(1) Automatic quantitative machine powder material

(2) Dynamic Weighing Machine

(3) Automatic packing machine

(4) Heating shrink packaging


More than 10 postgraduate training and more than 200 packing engineers and technicians

Research resources

1. Powder material flow test device

2. Friction characteristics of materials measuring device

3. DEM-Particle flow analysis software-PFC3DPFC (ITASCA,)

4. X-ray visualization of detector

5. Sealing machine

6. Vibration Feeder

7. Blister Packing Machine

8.bundling machine

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