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Non-destructive Testing Research Institute of Industry

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Non-destructive Testing Research Institute of Industry

Research leaders

Song Shoupeng, male, born in 1967.4, D. E., post-doctor, professor, tutor of postgraduate, director of industry non-destructive testing institute, deputy director of measurement & control technology institute.

Research Fields

  1. 1) New theory & technology of non-destructive testing
  2. 2) Intelligent information processing


Song Shoupeng, Li Boquan. Chen Jin. Zhang Xiliang, Bao Binghao, Zhang Shiqing, Luo Kaiyu, Xu Zhengying, Lu Xin, Chen Liang, Hu Hongmei, Pan Haibin, Xu Ling

Honors and Awards

the third prize of the development of science and technology of China's ministry of weapons

Selected Publications

  1. 1. Wavelet based noise suppression technique and its application to ultrasonic flaw detectionUltrasonics
  2. 2. An effective defect identification scheme in pipeline ultrasonic testing
  3. 3. , Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
  4. 4. A fractal-dimension-based signal-processing technique and its use for nondestructive testing, Russian Journal of Nondestructive Testing
  5. 5. The radial self-positioning algorithm of intelligent ultrasonic probe array in oil/gas pipeline, High Technology Letters
  6. 6. Wavelet-based pipe flaw 2D-reconstruction scheme using line-focusing ultrasonic transducer array, USA: 2006 IEEE International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics
  7. 7. Analysis on Time-effectiveness of Early Warning System of Combine Harvester, IEEE proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Computer and Computing Technology Applications in Agriculture
  8. 8. A new signal processing technique for detecting flaw echoes close to the material surface in ultrasonic NDT, RJNDT, 2010,Vol.46, No.1
  9. 9. Mass data storage strategy in automatic ultrasonic testing, Xiamen China: Proceeding of the Third International Symposium on Test Automation & Instrumentation(ISTAI 2010), Vol.4, 2010


  1. 1. Fractal-based mass data eliminating method in ultrasonic intelligent testing, No.200610040544.6
  2. 2. Adaptive reconstructive method of pipe flaw, No.200610040541.2
  3. 3. Wavelet-based denosing method of time & frequency domain compact signals, No. 200610040540.8
  4. 4. Ultrasonic testing method of near-surface flaw, No. 200610040545.0
  5. 5. Acoustic field model establishing method of water immersion line-focusing pulse ultrasonic sensor, No. 200610040543.1
  6. 6. Ultrasonic line-focusing transducer array design method through perpendicular incidence, No. 200610040542.7
  7. 7. A filtering method, No. 200910031333.X
  8. 8. Jam fault early warming & warming device of combine harvester, No. 200910032561.9
  9. 9. Jam fault early warming & warming method of threshing rattler in combine harvester, No. 200910032562.3
  10. 10. Transmission circuit of pulse ultrasonic wave, No. 201010139346.1


Digital filter design and engineering application, Jiangsu University Press, 2009

Software Copyright

Jam fault diagnosis software of combine harvester, Register Number: 2010SR000055, Certificate Number: 0188328

Sponsored Projects

  1. 1. Multispectral & multi-sensor based crop nitrogen and moisture detecting technology, 863 project, No. 2008AA10Z204
  2. 2. Multi-function agricultural equipment and implement development: key technology of agricultural equipment significant product & device research, State science and technology support projects, No.2006BAD11A03
  3. 3. Key technology research of ultrasonic weak parameters, China's postdoctoral fund, No.20080431070
  4. 4. Key technology research of ultrasonic weak modulation information, Jiangsu province college fund for nature, No.08KJD460016
  5. 5. Crawing device and testing technology of under water pipeline, 863 Project, No.2001AA602021
  6. 6. Dynamic testing of fruit inner defect & research of damage factor threshold using ultrasonic, Open fund of Jiangsu university agricultural equipment & technology Key laboratory, No.NZ200807
  7. 7. Key technology research of pipe intelligent testing and digital imaging, Senior personnel start scheme of Jiangsu University, No.07JDG055
  8. 8. Non-intrusive liquid pressure testing method research using ultrasonic, Jiangsu postdoctoral fund, NO.0701007C


  1. 1) three Outstanding articles of master degree in Jiangsu Province
  2. 2) one Outstanding articles of doctor degree in Jiangsu Province

Research Resources

    1. 1. National Instruments PXI Platform for Test, Measurement and Control

    1. 2. National Instruments SCXI Platform for Test, Measurement and Control

    1. 3. NI CompactDAQ System with different C Series I/O modules

    1. 4. NI CompactRIO programmable automation controller (PAC)

    1. 5. NI Real-Time Compact Vision System for IEEE 1394a Cameras

    1. 6. NI Data Acquisition (DAQ) Devices

    1. 7. Digital oscilloscope, DPO4034B, 1 GHz, 500MHz or 350 MHz 2 Channel Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
    2. 8. Krautkramer USN 60, Hi-resolution (640 x 480 pixels)Color LCD Display with unique signal processing produces “Analog Look and Performance”echo dynamics, 15 Hz to 6K Hz PRF (pulse repetition frequency) with AutoLOW and AutoHIGH settings, Manual adjustment,and External trigger capability.

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