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Mechanical Manufacturing and its Automation

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Master and doctor program
The discipline obtained the first batch of the right to grant master's degree in 1981, and obtained the right to grant doctoral degree in 1998. The discipline is currently the core main support discipline of engineering characteristics in Jiangsu University.
An achievement of discipline construction
The discipline of Mechanical Manufacturing and its Automation is granted the cultivation construction point of national key disciplines in Jiangsu colleges in 2005, and is granted national key (cultivation) discipline of Education Ministry in 2007. The discipline currently establishes “Laser shock processing technology” key lab of machinery industry, “Photon manufacturing science and technology” key lab of Jiangsu Province. The undergraduate specialty is the first batch of provincial brand specialty, the subject echelon is “blue project” excellent academic echelon of Jiangsu province.
Main specialty or direction
The discipline has formed distinct characteristics and unique advantages in laser processing and testing, micro-nano manufacturing and testing, high-precision machining, Mold and forming technology, advanced materials manufacturing and characterization, photonic manufacturing science and technology six respects, and has achieved a number of high-level results.
Achievement statistics
Since 2001, the discipline has presided over and completed 32 projects including National 863 Project, National 973 Subproject, National Research Programs, International Cooperation Projects, Defense/Aeronautics Military Projects, etc. and 38 ministerial or provincial projects including Trans-century Talent Fund of Education Ministry, Provincial Natural Science Foundation Projects, Provincial Research Project, etc... The discipline has received 2 first prizes, 9 second prize, and 15 third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu province; and has received 6 first prize, 7 second prize, 20 third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award for industry; and has obtained 1 second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award, 1 special award of Provincial Teaching Achievement. The discipline has published 59 academic monographs and textbooks, and has applied over 200 national invention patents, of which 37 patents have been authorized, and has published over 700 papers in core journals or above, of which over 300 papers have been indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP.
Staff constitution and cultivation
The discipline has 40 teachers, among whom there are 10 Ph.D. supervisors and 20 professors. The discipline yearly enrolls about 120 undergraduates and 85 graduates. Since 2005, the discipline has cultivated over 200 masters and 40 doctors. Among them, there are 1 gainer of national excellent doctoral dissertation, 5 gainers of provincial excellent doctoral dissertation, and about 20 gainers of provincial excellent master’s dissertation.
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