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Mechanical design and theory

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Master and doctor program
This program is a national brand characteristic specialty, and acquired authorizes of Master and doctor program programs list below:
1.The first authorize Ph.D. program to the subject of agricultural machinery, 1981
2.The first national conferrer of M.S degree, 1981
3.The national conferrer of Ph.D. degree, 1998
4.Setting up the post-doctoral position, 1994
The features of mechanical design and theory list as following:
1. Approved as key subject of machine ministry, 1987
2. Approved as key subject of Jiangsu province, 1987 & 2001
For now, 5 research institutions have been set up:
1) Institute of Modern Mechanical Transmission and Controlling
2) Jiangsu university manufacture information research center
3) Intelligent Machinery & Robot Institute
4) Institute of Surface/Interface Science and Technology
5) Institute of Graphic Technology
Key subjects & Research Interests
Since 2001, the department of mechanical design and theory, pays attentions to the connotation & quality construct and subjects cross & infiltrate, has come into being a series of distinct characteristic and steady research interests. List by:
1. Mechanical design with computer aided
2. Computer engineering graphics
3. Design and Manufacture based on network
4. Virtual mechanical design and virtual assemblage
5. Magnetic machine and magnetic technology of archeology
6. Tribology and the technology of alter surface performance
7. Intelligent machine and robot
8. Machine design and automation
9. System inspect and control
10. Control technology of agriculture circumstance
11. Agricultural mechanical design and theory
Achievements Statistics
Since 2001, the department has taken charge & completed 13 Nation-level and over 30 Province & Ministry-level research items, which contain the National ‘863’ items, the National Natural Science Fund of China, the National Key Plan, etc., and the Provincial Natural Science Fund, the Provincial Industry Technology Key Plan, the Information and Industry Ministry items, etc., respectively. Until now, the department has acquired over 20 Province & Ministry-level awards of technology progress, in which many achievements reach up to the international advanced level. The department faculty have obtained a Nation-level award of teaching achievement, 5 Province-level awards of teaching achievement (1 of top grade award, 3 of first-class awards and 1 of second-class award), as well as have accomplished over 10 items of Province & Civic-level teaching innovation and published the subject books and teaching materials over 30 numbers. And professor Liling DAI has been approved as the Province-level famous teacher because of her teaching achievements.
The department faculty is consisting of 32 full-time members including 5 professors and 15 associate professors. The academic research group includes 5 Ph.D. supervisors and 20 Master supervisors. 25 of faculties have Ph.D. degree and remainders have Master degree, 7 of whom had the experience of studying abroad. The young teachers under 40 years old account for 83% of the faculty team, which means that the department faculty possess of reasonable knowledge and age structures. The vigorous faculty have breach various scientific research problems valorously and seek creativities confirmedly. The department faculty had been approved as Jiangsu provincial excellent research & teaching team in 1988.
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