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Mechanical electrical engineering

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M.Sc & Ph.D. programs
Have the right to grant master's degree and doctorates. The first level subject it belongs to has the postdoctoral station. The academic, teaching, and research team in this subject owns the reasonable knowledge structure and age institutions and has the eager sense of research and innovation.
Key subjects & Research Interests
Through development of years, some steady research directions with obvious features have formed:
01Transmission and control of machinery and Electricity
02 Design and test of Micro-nanometer mechanical and electronic systems
03 Open control systems
04 Electro-hydraulic control engineering
05 Control and automation of the fluid Power
06 Micro-robots
07 New technologies of the measurement and control
08 Technologies and applications of the machine, count and optical integration
09The dynamic simulation, automatic detection and optimal control of the laser manufacturing process
In recent years, 5 monographs, translations and textbooks have been published and 4 patents have been authorized. Over three hundred papers have been posted, of which over eighty papers have bee posted to the core journals home and abroad and over sixty papers have been searched by the three searching system such as SCI and so on. This subject has chaired 65 issues of various fields, of which there are 38 longitudinal issues (5140 thousand), 27 horizontal issues (324 thousand), and got 8380 thousand funding. The research achievements are listed as follows: 5 second prizes of Provincial and Ministerial scientific and technological progress, 2 third prizes of Provincial and Ministerial scientific and technological progress, 1 fourth prizes of Provincial and Ministerial scientific and technological progress, 1 Mechanical Science and Technology Progress Award of Education Department, Education Ministry, 1 second Natural Science Award of National Science and Technology Award Education Ministry nominates, 1 second Science and Technology Invention Award of Chinese Petroleum and Chemical Society, 2 first Machinery Industry and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu, 1 second prize of Education Commission, Jiangsu Province, 1 third prize of Education Commission, Jiangsu Province, 1 third Science and Technology Progress Award of Machinery Industry Federation.
There are five professors, four deputy professors in this subject, among whom six people have the doctorate's degree, one has the postdoctoral degree and one has the offset learning experiences. In this subject,there are one across-century academic leaders of the common universities in Jiangsu province and three PhD supervisors. Over one hundred masters have been developed from this subject. There are now still over fifty masters and twelve doctors studying in this subject.
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