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Optical Engineering

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Master's degree
Master's degree in optical engineering was authorized in 2003 and its development has been strongly supporting by Jiangsu university.
Achievements of subject building
Optical Engineering has been identified as one of the key disciplines of first-level discipline in Jiangsu University.
Main research areas
The discipline of optical engineering is an inter-discipline,involving the disciplines of electronics, optics, material, computer, communication, and so on. In Jiangsu University, based on the existing research conditions, our research covers many frontier areas of optics and optical engineering ,including advanced laser processing and manufacturing, Optoelectronic materials and devices, Optical detection, Photonic crystal fiber and the device. In these four areas, we have made relatively good jobs, and obtained a number of high-level results.
Main achievements
Since 2003, research group has undertaken and completed over 28 state-level projects , including two National High-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), one National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), twenty-two programs from National Natural Science Foundation and three military aerospace projects. In addition, we also completed one International cooperation project and 32 provincial or ministerial projects, supported by cross-century talents Fund from Ministry of Education, Provincial Natural Science Foundation, and Key Technologies R & D Program of Jiangsu Province. Now, our research work is continuing to be supported by one key program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one military 863 program, one sub project from 973 program, 5 military aerospace projects, 45 programs from National Natural Science Foundations and 77 provincial or ministerial projects. The total support funding from government reach about 46.845 million Yuan, and support funding from enterprises reach above 15.46 million Yuan.
With the financial support from government and enterprises, and through many years of accumulation, our research group has achieved a series of cutting-edge scientific research results. Until now, more than 60 scientific research results have been identified by government or enterprise, and 11 of them have won awards. We have published more than 20 school textbooks or academic monographs, and about 500 essays in magazines and journals home and abroad. Some academic articles were published in important academic journals, such as Optics Letters, Optics Express, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Journal of Light wave Technology, Applied Optics. More than 200 essays have been indexed by EI, SCI or ISTP. In addition, We have also applied 60 patents and 20 of them have been authorized.
Faculties and graduates
There are 11 professors (including 8 PhD supervisors), 6 assistant professors and 4 lecturers in our research group. Until now, more than 35 students have obtained their Master's degree and 27 students are studying for their master’s degree in optical engineering.

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