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     The 2nd Jiangsu Academy of Mechanical Engineering Tribology Branch Symposium was successfully held 2019.12.03
     2019 ESI Paper Award Application Instructions 2019.12.02
     Several notes on statistical calculation of patent workload in 2019 2019.12.02
     Notice on statistical accounting for the volume of papers, treatises and platforms in 2019 2019.11.29
     Notice on the comprehensive assessment of 2018 level doctoral students in the school of Mechanical Engineering 2019.10.30
     Notice on doing well in the opening work of 2018 master's degree thesis 2019.10.18
     Notice of School of Mechanical Engineering on 2019 Graduate Tutor Training 2019.10.17
     Notice on convening a conference of faculty and staff 2019.09.04
     Notice on Establishing College Laboratory Safety Work Leading Group, Working Group and Inspection Group 2019.06.14
     Report meeting on integration of intelligent building and sustainable energy technology 2019.06.06
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