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     Taking the opportunity of revision of the training plan to continue to deepen the construction of professional connotation ------- The School of Mechanical Engineering went to Hangzhou and Hefei to conduct research 2019.11.17
     School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University Implementation details of the re-enrollment of doctoral students in 2020 2019.11.11
     Dr. Zhang Jie of advanced OPTOWAVE company was invited to give academic report in our college 2019.11.06
     Professor Liu Jun, winner of the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, was invited to give a speech in our hospital 2019.10.25
     Mechanical Academic Lecture Hall--Research on Special Optical Fiber and Optical Waveguide 2019.10.11
     Jiming song, a professor in the Department of electrical and computer engineering, Iowa State University, was invited to give an academic report 2019.10.10
     Mechanical Engineering College participates in the National Instrument High-tech Equipment and Dean Forum 2019.10.04
     The Party Committee of the School of Mechanical Engineering held the "Education of the Heart, Keep in Mind Mission" theme education mobilization deployment conference 2019.09.27
     Zhenjiang Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Institute came to our hospital to guide exchanges 2019.09.24
     "Changjiang Scholar" invited professor to Xinmin to give academic report 2019.09.23
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