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Application Procedure

Applications to all programs should be ONLY done online through JSU “Online Application System”


 STEP 1: Register your account and activate it.

 STEP 2: Fill out the application and upload all required documents as follows

A passport photo;                          

Copy of passport (the photo page)

Copy of your final degree transcript (Notarized English translation if applicable )

Copy of your final degree certificate (Notarized English translation if applicable )

English language proficiency certificate (non-English speaking countries)

HSK-4 certificate (for Chinese-Medium programs)

Family financial statement

Research proposal (Master and PhD only)

2 recommendation letters (Master and PhD only)

 STEP 3: Submit the application and note your application number.

 STEP 4: Check your admission status regularly.

 STEP 5: You will receive your admission notice through e-mail after successful verification

 STEP 6: Check your admission notice and pay* admission fees before the due date.

Bachelor students and Non-Degree Students: Pay 400 CNY (application fees) + 2,000 CNY (seat reservation)

  MBBS students: Pay 400 CNY (application fees) + 6,000 CNY (seat reservation)

PG, PhD: Pay 400 CNY (application fees)

PS: This fee is non-refundable. Seat fee will be considered as part of first year's tuition fee. Please check next page for JSU bank account details.

 STEP 7: E-mail the remittance receipt to application@ujs.edu.cn  

 STEP 8: Receive originals of “Admission notice” and “JW202/JW201” by post.

 STEP 9: Apply for VISA and send us your arrival information.  






1. Always mention your online application number when making enquiries with us.

2. Your CV must be complete & continuous until the current year. (Study or work experience)

3. Ensure all information and documents submitted/uploaded are factual and legible.

4. All applications will be verified with-in 3 working days (Bachelor & Non-Degree) or 10 working days (Master and PhD)




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