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     International Laboratory of Span-Scale Design and Manufacturing
     Institute of Precision and Super-precision Processing Technology
     Institute of Die & Mould Technology
     Institute of Advanced Forming Technology
     Institute of Digitalized Manufacturing
     Institute of Remanufacturing and Surface Engineering
     Zhenjiang Research Center of Manufacturing Information Engineering Technology
     Institute of Intelligent Robotics
     Institute of Graphic Technology
     Institute of Surface/Interface Science and Technology
     Institute of Modern Mechanical Transmission and Controlling
     Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Controlling Technology
     Institute of Measurement & Controlling Technology
     Institute of Packing Technology
     The Photonic Manufacturing Science and Technology
     Laser Shock Processing Technology (machinery industry key laboratory)
     The Experimental and Teaching Center of Mechanical Engineering
     Research Center of Micro-nanometer Science & Technology
     Non-destructive Testing Research Institute of Industry
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